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Battleships - The Grand Warships of Naval History

Battleships held naval supremacy for decades - no other ocean-going warship proved more powerful - until the arrival of the aircraft carrier in World War 2.

After the ironclad and before the aircraft carrier, the rule over the seas was commanded by the Battleship - big-gunned, steel naval vessels packing a hefty punch through firepower and protected in inches of armor. For the period encompassing the late 19th Century, World War 1 and World War 2, a nation's at-sea power and prestige was invariably measured through these mighty warships of the fleet, revolutionized by the arrival of the British Royal Navy's HMS Dreadnought and culminating in Japan's IJN Yamato - the most powerful battleship to ever grace the seas. For the Americans in World War 2, much of her future lay in the four-strong Iowa-class which participated in many of the important actions concerning the conflict. The Germans managed to add their own history through the seemingly unsinkable KMS Bismarck. However, the death knell for the Battleship came in the form of the aircraft carrier which supplanted the type in available firepower - her aircraft ranging ever further than the main guns of any surface ship.

The final Battleship launched by any nation became the Royal Navy's HMS Vanguard of 1944. The last U.S. Iowa-class battleshipship was decommissioned in 1992.

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