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"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." - Sun Tzu

Military Factory™ showcases a comprehensive listing of over 5,350 individual entries spanning past wars, present conflicts, and future engagements. Compiled since 2003, the information provided through this singular, in-depth source allows for a unique insight into the many aspects of modern well as a glimpse into the Battlefield of Tomorrow. Updated daily, always free, and no subscription or account required.
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Familiarize Yourself: Entries Making the News...
Boom Technology SST
The Boom Technology SST supersonic transport project has secured an additional $100 million USD to continue its development phase.
Indonesian Aerospace N-219
Indonesian Aerospace has flown, for the first time, its second prototype related to the ongoing N-219 STOL aircraft project.
Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant
The joint-venture Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant tech demonstrator is inching ever-closer to a first-flight - to be had sometime in 2019.
Leonardo M-345
Leonardo has completed a first-flight for a production-standard M-345 advanced jet trainer - some 45 units are sought by the Italian AF.

Catch Up on Some New Reads...
Martin P4M Mercator
The Martin P4M Mercator of Cold War fame managed to secure a role within the ranks of the USN - leading to nineteen examples being produced.
Brantly B-2
Even the United States Army, if only for a short time, held interest in the unique and capable Brantly B-2 Light Utility Helicopter as an observation platform.
Bloch MB.162
The French had the makings of a good heavy bomber design in the Bloch MB.162 - if not for the German invasion of May-June 1940.
Potez 75
This Cold War-era French aircraft entry from Potez had a good showing in the Algerian War - but the French defense budget spelled doom for it.
Caudron-Renault CR.710
This French fighter, the CR.710 series wood-skinned monoplane, made little imapct on French fortunes prior to the German invasion of 1940.
HMCS Bonaventure
HMCS Bonaventure became the last aircraft carrier-type vessel to serve the Royal Canadian Navy, this from 1957 until 1970.
FS Languedoc (D653)
FS Languedoc (D653), designed to the multi-purpose FREMM standard, boasts both firepower and performance while serving the modern French Navy.
CNS Yichang (564)
CNS Yichang (564) is just one of fourteen vessels built to the Type 053H3 design standard serving the modern Chinese Navy (PLAN).
The Barracuda/Suffren-class nuclear-powered attack submarine is the new face of French underwater fighting forces - set to begin commissioning in 2019.
Type 035 (Ming-class)
The conventionally-powered Type 035, or 'Ming-class', is a fixture of the modern People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of China.
FS Prairial (F731)
This ocean-going veteran, developed as a surveillance / monitoring frigate during the Cold War period, continues to serve the French Navy today.
USS St. Louis (LCS-19)
USS St. Louis (LCS-19) became the latest Freedom-class Littoral COmbat Ship to hit the water when she was launched on December 15th, 2018.
A-20 / A-32 Medium Tank
The classic war-winning Soviet T-34 Medium Tank needed refinement through prototypes like the A-20 and A-32 before it could be realized.
Morris Light Reconnaissance Car
The Morris Light Reconnaissance Car was hastily designed, developed and built to shore up British losses following the evacuation at Dunkirk.
Handley Page HP.115
Critical to the development of the famous Concorde supersonic passenger airliner were developments like the Handley Page HP.115 research aircraft.
The collection of breakthrough U.S. designs of the Cold War.
From Algeria and Argentina to Vietnam and Yemen.
ARMOR 2019
From Australia and Britain to Venezuela and Yemen.
From Argentina and France to Turkey and the U.S.
From Britain and Croatia to the U.S. Army and USMC.