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"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." - Sun Tzu

Military Factory™ showcases a comprehensive listing of over 5,000 individual entries spanning past wars, present conflicts, and future engagements. Compiled since 2003, the information provided through this singular, in-depth source allows for a unique insight into the many aspects of modern well as a glimpse into the Battlefield of Tomorrow.
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Boeing claims top spot in MQ-25 Stingray refueling drone competition.

New Entries
Sovremennyy-class Destroyer
Its Cold War-era origins do not make the Sovremennyy-class guided-missile-destroyer less of threat today - both Russia and China operate the type.
Ilyushin IL-20 (Coot-A)
It was found that the Ilyushin IL-18 "Coot" turboprop made for a good special-missions platform, giving rise to development of the IL-20 ELINT offshoot.
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5
Nine new images from the United States Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker completes the revamped RAF S.E.5 biplane fighter entry.
Buyan-class Corvette
The Buyan-class of corvettes serving the modern Russian Navy are an evergrowing group of capable surface fighters equipped to handle many tasks.
USS Wisconsin (BB-9)
The "other" USS Wisconsin was a pre-Dreadnought battleship forming part of the three-strong Illinois-class used during the World War 1 period.
Leonardo AW249
With several world military powers looking to the future regarding their attack helicopter fleets, Leonardo of Italy has stepped in with their AW249 proposal.
USS Perkins (DD-26)
An impressive twenty-one ships made up the critical Paulding-class of destroyers for the United States Navy - USS Perkins being one of them.
USS Flusser (DD-20)
Another American Navy destroyer entry of the pre-World War 1 period, USS Flusser DD-20 became the forth ship of the five-strong Smith-class.
USS Balch (DD-50)
Built just prior to the fighting of World War 1, USS Balch DD-50 was the epitome of U.S. Navy destroyer design heading into the conflict.
NORINCO PCL-09 122mm
Mobility and firepowrer is at the heart of this modern Chinese Army self-propelled artillery system - the PCL-09.
Cessna 182 Skylane
The Cessna Model 182 Skylane follows behind the Model 172 in both popularity and production - counting many operators worldwide.
Bluebird Aero Systems Spylite
The Indian Army has moved on adopting the highly-capable, Israeli-originated Spylite Unmanned Aircraft System.
Cessna 172
The Cessna 172, the most-produced aircraft of all time, continues to operate in large numbers across both civilian and military marketplaces today.
Heinkel He 280
The Heinkel He 280 was started as a pirvate venture by the company and RLM authorities were slow to appreciate the type as World War 2 raged on.