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    Military Map Symbols

    Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 12/19/2015

    Because some day you may just find yourself needing to know your Chemical Warfare Services from your Veterinary Corps.

    Map Symbol, Antiaircraft Artillery
    Antiaircraft Artillery
    Map Symbol, Armored Command
    Armored Command
    Map Symbol, Army Air Forces
    Army Air Forces
    Map Symbol, Artillery
    Artillery (sans AA and Coastal)
    Map Symbol, Antiaircraft Artillery
    Cavalry (Horse)
    Map Symbol, Armored Command
    Cavalry (Mechanized)
    Map Symbol, Antiaircraft Artillery
    Chemical Warfare Services
    Map Symbol, Armored Command
    Coastal Artillery
    Map Symbol, Engineer Unit
    Engineer Unit
    Map Symbol, Infantry Unit
    Map Symbol, Medical Corps
    Medical Corps
    Map Symbol, Ordnance Department
    Ordnance Department
    Map Symbol, Quartermaster Corps
    Quartermaster Corps
    Map Symbol, Signal Corps
    Signal Corps
    Map Symbol, Tank Destroyer
    Tank Destroyer
    Map Symbol, Transportation Corps
    Transportation Corps
    Map Symbol, Veterinary Corps
    Veterinary Corps
    NOTE: Airborne units are designated by combining a gull wing symbol with the arm or service symbol as follows in two examples:
    Map Symbol, Airborne Artillery
    Airborne Artillery
    Map Symbol, Airborne Infantry
    Airborne Infantry

    Size Symbology

    The following symbols placed either in boundary lines or above the rectangle, triangle, or circle enclosing the identifying arm or service symbol indicate the size of military organization:

    Map Symbol, Squad
    Map Symbol, Section
    Map Symbol, Platoon
    Map Symbol, Company, Troop, Battery, Air Force Flight
    Map Symbol, Battlaion, Cavalry Squadron or Air Force Squadron
    Battalion/Cav Sqdrn/AF Sqdrn
    Map Symbol, Regiment or Group, Combat Team
    Regiment/Group/Combat Team
    Map Symbol, Brigade, Combat Command of Armored Division, Air Force Wing
    Brigade/Cmd Armored Div/AF Wing
    Map Symbol, Division or Command of an Air Force
    Div/Cmd of an Air Force
    Map Symbol, Brigade, Corps or Air Force
    Corps/Air Force
    Map Symbol, Army
    Map Symbol, Brigade, Group of Armies
    Group of Armies

    Weapons on a Military Map

    Large weapon types receive their own symbols on a military map:

    Map Symbol, Brigade, Corps or Air Force
    Machine Gun
    Map Symbol, Army
    Map Symbol, Brigade, Corps or Air Force
    Gun Battery
    Map Symbol, Army
    Map Symbol, Brigade, Corps or Air Force
    Map Symbol, Army
    Self-Propelled Gun

    Putting It All Together: Examples

    The letter or number to the left of the symbol indicates the unit designation; that to the right, the designation of the parent unit to which it belongs to. Letters or numbers above or below boundary lines designate the units separated by the lines:

    Map Symbol, Brigade, Corps or Air Force
    Company A, 137th Inf
    Map Symbol, Army
    8th Field Art Bat
    Map Symbol, Brigade, Corps or Air Force
    Cbt Cmd A, 1st Arm Div
    Map Symbol, Army
    Obsv Post, 23d Inf
    Map Symbol, Brigade, Corps or Air Force
    Cmd Post, 5th Inf Div
    Map Symbol, Army
    Btw 137th and 138th Inf