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Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet

France (1978)

Detailing the development and operational history of the Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet Advanced Trainer / Close-Support Aircraft.

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  Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet  
Picture of Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet Advanced Trainer / Close-Support Aircraft
Picture of Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet Advanced Trainer / Close-Support Aircraft Picture of Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet Advanced Trainer / Close-Support AircraftPicture of Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet Advanced Trainer / Close-Support AircraftPicture of Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet Advanced Trainer / Close-Support Aircraft

The Alpha Jet series of fast, agile training aircraft is the premiere advanced flight trainer for a variety of European air services.

The Alpha Jet series of aircraft was a joint Franco-German initiative to produce a highly-advanced tactical trainer with close-air support combat capabilities. The French firm of Dassault-Breguet generated the initial evaluation model under the designation of "TA501" (which combined the qualities of two earlier French and German proposals). The concept was accepted for further development by the two participating nations and ultimately was finalized to become the "Alpha Jet" of the late 1970s. Since then, the type has gone on to see service with several other nations including Belgium, Egypt and Thailand.

The Alpha Jet was of a conventional design meant to train upcoming pilots in the intricacies of jet-powered flight and high-speed weapons delivery. The twin-engine, two-seat strike platform proved an agile mount and was given a high-mounted, swept-wing monoplane arrangement which allowed for clearance of various ordnance types under the wings. A single vertical tail fin was affixed to above and between the two engine exhausts (aspirated by forward-set air intakes to either side of the cockpit). The forward-most pilot managed good visibility out of the large two-piece glass canopy. The instructor/co-pilot was seated in the more obstructed rear cockpit position. The undercarriage was of a conventional tricycle layout with two single-wheeled main landing gear legs and a single-wheeled nose landing gear leg - all retractable. Power is supplied by a pair of SNECMA Turbomeca Larzac 04-C5 series turbofan engines buried within the middle-aft portion of the fuselage. Maximum listed speed is 620 miles per hour at sea level with a ferry range out to 1,800 miles. The listed service ceiling is 48,000 feet with a rate-of-climb exceeding 11,200 feet per minute.
Picture of the Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet Advanced Trainer / Close-Support Aircraft
Picture of the Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet Advanced Trainer / Close-Support Aircraft

Standard armament for the German Dornier mounts includes a 27mm MauserBK-27 series revolving autocannon in a fuselage centerline gun pod. The French Dassault versions substitute this for a 30mm DEFA internal cannon at the same fuselage position. The Alpha Jet supports AIM-9 Sidewinder and Matra Magic II series air-to-air missiles as well as the AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missile. Additionally, the Alpha Jet is cleared to carry conventional drop bombs, cluster bombs, cannon pods and rocket pods across five hardpoints (5,500lb maximum load). She is plumbed at two hardpoints for 2 x jettisonable external fuel tanks.

Germany operated 93 such aircraft in its inventory and appreciated the value of the system as both an advanced trainer and a close-air support weapon (the latter in extreme circumstances) and fielded it as such through the Alpha Jet A models produced locally Dornier. German Alpha Jets were fitted with Doppler radar navigation systems and an advanced nav-attack suite capable of fulfilling the close-support requirement. Ultimately, the series was retired from frontline service with the Luftwaffe in 1997 with fifty examples sold to Portugal and a further six to the United Kingdom. As such, Germany is no longer an active operator of the Alpha Jet. The French received 99 Alpha Jet E models and still manage them in their inventory.

In all, some 480 Alpha Jets in a handful of marks were produced for Germany and France and select export customers. The system is still a proven commodity thanks to her sound design, strong performance in the desired roles and inherent versatility. The Alpha Jet series has been modernized and improved on several occasions to keep it a viable battlefield system for the near future.
Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet A Specifications
National Flag Graphic
Year: 1978
Type: Advanced Trainer / Close-Support Aircraft
Manufacturer(s): Dassault - France / Dornier - Germany
Production: 480
Supported Mission Types
Ground Attack
Close-Air Support
Airborne Early Warning
Electronic Warfare
Aerial Tanker
Passenger Industry
VIP Travel
Business Travel
Special Forces
Crew: 2
Length: 43.41 ft (13.23 m)
Width: 29.89 ft (9.11 m)
Height: 13.75 ft (4.19 m)
Empty Weight: 7,871 lb (3,570 kg)
MTOW: 16,755 lb (7,600 kg)

Installed Power
2 x SNECMA / Tubomecha Larzac 04-C20 turbofan engines developing 3,175 lb of thrust each.

Standard Day Performance
Maximum Speed: 621 mph (999 kph; 539 kts)
Maximum Range: 362 mi (583 km; 315 nm)
Service Ceiling: 47,999 ft (14,630 m; 9.09 mi)
Rate-of-Climb: 12,000 ft/min (3,658 m/min)

1 x 27mm cannon (German Dornier)
1 x 30mm DEFA cannon (French Dassault)

Mission specific ordnance amounting to 5,500lbs. Armament can include any of the following:

1 x 30mm DEFA centerline cannon pod
1 x 27mm Mauser centerline cannon pod
Conventional Drop Bombs
Cluster Bombs
Air-to-Surface Rocket Pods
AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles
Matra Magic air-to-air missiles
AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles

Operators List
Belgium; Cameroon; Canada; Germany; Ivory Coast; Egypt; France; Morocco; Nigeria; Portugal; Qatar; Thailand; Togo; United Kingdom; West Germany

Series Model Variants
• TA501 - Prototype Model Designation
• Alpha Jet A - Initial Production Ground Attack Variant.
• Alpha Jet E - Dedicated Two-Seat Trainer
• Alpha Jet 2 - Ground Attack Variant
• Alpha Jet MS1 - Egyptian Export Model; Close-Air Support variant.
• Alpha Jet MS2 - Improved Alpha Jet; glass cockpit; revised avionics and more powerful engine; support for Matra-Magic AA missiles.
• Alpha Jet ATS ("Advanced Training System") / Alpha Jet 3 / "Lancier" - Digital glass cockpit.

Supported Weapon Systems
Graphical image of an air-to-air missile weapon
Graphical image of a short-range air-to-air missile
Graphical image of an aircrat automatic cannon
Graphical image of an aircraft air-to-surface missile
Graphical image of an aircraft rocket pod
Graphical image of an aircraft conventional drop bomb munition

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