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WW2 Italian Navy Warships and Submarines

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 8/22/2015

The Italian Navy played an important role for the Axis in the early going of World War 2.

There are a total of (9) World War 2 Italian Navy Warships and Submarines in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

Ammiraglio Cagni
With coastline as long as that of Italy's, it behooved the nation to promote considerable naval firepower across the Mediter...
Thumbnail picture of the Ammiraglio Cagni

Andrea Doria
The Andrea Doria was one of two battleships in the Andrea Doria-class serving the Italian Navy in the 20th century. Construct...
Thumbnail picture of the Andrea Doria

The Aquila (meaning "Eagle") was a proposed aircraft carrier whose construction began in 1941 but was never completed due to ...
Thumbnail picture of the Aquila

Archimede (1939)
The Archimede was a diesel-electric powered attack submarine serving the Regia Marina of Italy during World War 2. She was bo...
Thumbnail picture of the Archimede (1939)

The Italian Navy, the "Regia Marina", designed the Zara-class as light cruisers due to the Washington Naval Treaty, a 1922 tr...
Thumbnail picture of the Gorizia

Maiale (Pig)
In 1935, it had become painfully obvious to Italian authorities that the Italian Navy maintained a weak position in the Medit...
Thumbnail picture of the Maiale (Pig)

USS Gato (SS-212)
The USS Gato (SS-212) was the lead ship of the large Gato-class submarine fleet which numbered 77 boats and, along with the B...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Gato (SS-212)

Vittorio Veneto
From 1934 to 1942, the Italian Navy (the Regia Marina) funded construction of a four-strong class of new battleship known as ...
Thumbnail picture of the Vittorio Veneto

At the start of World War 2 (1939-1945), Italy ranked as the fourth largest naval power in the world and looked to control th...
Thumbnail picture of the Zara