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WW2 British Royal Navy Warships and Submarines

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 6/26/2014

Regardless of whatever enemy she faced, the Royal Navy and her warships fought with equal fervor on all fronts.


There are a total of 30 WW2 British Royal Navy Warships and Submarines in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

ELCO PT Boat (Patrol Torpedo)
Prior to (and during) World War 2, the United States Navy (USN) contracted out to three primary manufacturers for the constru...
Thumbnail picture of the ELCO PT Boat (Patrol Torpedo)

Higgins PT Boat (Patrol Torpedo)
The American side of the PT boat ("Patrol Torpedo") wars of World War 2 are primarily remembered through the exploits of the ...
Thumbnail picture of the Higgins PT Boat (Patrol Torpedo)

HMS Argus (I49)
The British Royal Navy's HMS Argus was an early-form aircraft carrier hastily-developed during World War 1 to provide a vital...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Argus (I49)

Thumbnail picture of the HMS Ark Royal

HMS Audacity (D10)
The British navy has always produced ships that were on the leading edge of naval technology - HMS Victory and HMS Dreadnough...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Audacity (D10)

Thumbnail picture of the HMS Barham (04)

HMS Belfast (C35)
Due to Germany rearming in the 1930's Britain began to increase ships in her steel fortress. HMS Belfast and her sister ship ...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Belfast (C35)

Thumbnail picture of the HMS Hermes (95)

HMS Hood (51)
HMS Hood stood as the pride and joy of the British Royal Navy for over two decades. She was constructed towards the end of Wo...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Hood (51)

HMS Nelson (28)
Ordered in 1922, the British Royal Navy battleship HMS Nelson - along with her sole sister ship HMS Rodney - represented the ...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Nelson (28)

HMS Prince of Wales (53)
HMS Prince of Wales served the British Navy for a few short years in World War 2 taking part in the damaging that would lead ...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Prince of Wales (53)

HMS Queen Elizabeth
The British Royal Navy was the most powerful sea-going force by the time of World War 1 (1914-1918) and this was well-underst...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Roberts (F40)
HMS Roberts (F40) led a successful wartime career encompassing actions in World War 2 (1939-1945). She saw her keel laid down...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Roberts (F40)

Thumbnail picture of the HMS Rodney (29)

HMS Thames (N71)
HMS Thames led the new Thames-class (also "River-class") of attack submarines appearing during the early part of the 1930s fo...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Thames (N71)

HMS Upholder (P37)
Ordered in 1936 HMS Upholder (P37) was the seventh U-class submarine built by the Vickers Armstrong company for the Royal Nav...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Upholder (P37)

HMS Vanguard (23)
HMS Vanguard (23) a British Battleship was being built late into World War 2 and when the war in Europe ended come May of 194...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Vanguard (23)

HMS Victorious (R38)
HMS Victorious was the result of the growing British naval arms movement amidst rising tensions in Europe being spearheaded b...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Victorious (R38)

HMS Warrior (R31)
With World War 2 in full swing and the British commitment continuing to grow, a new Colossus-class light aircraft carrier was...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Warrior (R31)

HMS Warspite (03)
HMS Warspite (03) was a Dreadnought Battleship of the Queen Elizabeth-class in service with the British Royal Navy. The hull...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Warspite (03)

HMS X-class / X-craft (Series)
The British naval fleet had to keep their battleships and carriers near or in home waters to protect the vital shipping lanes...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS X-class / X-craft (Series)

Huckins PT Boat (Patrol Torpedo)
The United States Navy undertook an all-new endeavor in the late 1930s to built a PT force from scratch. With the rise of Hit...
Thumbnail picture of the Huckins PT Boat (Patrol Torpedo)

Schnellboot (S-Boot)
The history of the German Navy "S- Boot" began with the World War 1 "Treaty of Versailles" written in June of 1919 to prevent...
Thumbnail picture of the Schnellboot (S-Boot)

SMS Mowe
In the city of Sarajevo in 1914, Austria's Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by Serbian nationalists sp...
Thumbnail picture of the SMS Mowe

Type VII U-Boat
Type VII u-boats made up a large part of the u-boat fighting force in the Atlantic. This class of fighting ship helped the Ge...
Thumbnail picture of the Type VII U-Boat

USS Dixmude (A-609)
The French escort carrier Dixmude A-609 was built in the United States in 1939 first named as the Rio Parana - a river in Sou...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Dixmude (A-609)