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Submarines Throughout Naval History

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Since its inception, the submarine has proven the ultimate threat to surface ships.

There are a total of (111) Submarines of Naval History in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

Alexander Nevsky (K-550)
The Alexander Nevsky (K-550) is a relatively new ballistic missile submarine commissioned by the Russian Navy as part of a ma...
Thumbnail picture of the Alexander Nevsky (K-550)

Ammiraglio Cagni
With coastline as long as that of Italy's, it behooved the nation to promote considerable naval firepower across the Mediter...
Thumbnail picture of the Ammiraglio Cagni

Archimede (1939)
The Archimede was a diesel-electric powered attack submarine serving the Regia Marina of Italy during World War 2. She was bo...
Thumbnail picture of the Archimede (1939)

B-class (USA)
If the A-class of submarines were the beginnings of the submariner program for the United States Navy then the B-class could ...
Thumbnail picture of the B-class (USA)

Biber (Beaver)
All of the major naval powers of World War 2 (1939-1945) utilized some sort of submersible "midget" submarine. These midget s...
Thumbnail picture of the Biber (Beaver)

BNS Riachuelo (S40)
BNS Riachuelo (S40) is the lead ship of the emerging four-strong class of diesel-electric attack submarines for the modern Br...
Thumbnail picture of the BNS Riachuelo (S40)

BNS Tikuna (S34)
Modern Brazilian naval capabilities has been slowly progressing with each passing decade and this is through necessity of def...
Thumbnail picture of the BNS Tikuna (S34)

Bushnell Turtle
The Turtle was the world's first submarine to ever be used in warfare. It was designed and built in Connecticut in 1775 by Da...
Thumbnail picture of the Bushnell Turtle

CNS Type 039 (Song)
When introduced for active service in June of 1999 with the People's Liberation Army Navy, the Type 039 submarine became the ...
Thumbnail picture of the CNS Type 039 (Song)

CNS Type 091 (Han)
The Han was the first nuclear-powered submarine designed and built by the People's Liberation Army - Navy (PLAN) of China. T...
Thumbnail picture of the CNS Type 091 (Han)

CNS Type 092 (Daqingyu)
One oft-overlooked facet of the Chinese military is its underwater force consisting of a variety of attack submarines. China,...
Thumbnail picture of the CNS Type 092 (Daqingyu)

CNS Type 094 (Jin)
Beginning in 2010, the Type 094 ballistic missile submarine succeeded the Type 092 Xia-class in service with the Chinese Peop...
Thumbnail picture of the CNS Type 094 (Jin)

CS General Carrera (SS22)
The Chilean government entered into an agreement with France and Spain to produce for it two conventionally-powered attack su...
Thumbnail picture of the CS General Carrera (SS22)

CS O'Higgins (SS23)
CS O'Higgins (SS23) is one of two Scorpene-class diesel-electric attack submarines fielded by the nation of Chile (the other ...
Thumbnail picture of the CS O'Higgins (SS23)

CSS H.L. Hunley
The CSS H. L. Hunley was the first submarine in history to sink an enemy ship while submerged, this occurring on February 17t...
Thumbnail picture of the CSS H.L. Hunley

Delta I (Project 667B Murena)
The Soviet Navy expanded considerably following the close of World War 2 (1939-1945), evolving from a relatively contained sh...
Thumbnail picture of the Delta I (Project 667B Murena)

Delta II (Project 667BD Murena-M)
The four Delta II (Project 667BD Murena-M) nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines followed the earlier Delta I-class as...
Thumbnail picture of the Delta II (Project 667BD Murena-M)

E-class (Series)
When Britain committed to World War 1 in 1914, the E-class submarine formed the primary underwater fighting force. The group ...
Thumbnail picture of the E-class (Series)

FS Rubis (1933)
During the latter half of the 1920s, the French Navy placed its mine-laying duties in the hands of the six-strong Saphir-clas...
Thumbnail picture of the FS Rubis (1933)

FS Saphir (S602)
The Rubis-class of nuclear-powered attack submarines for the French Navy was originally envisioned as an eight-strong group u...
Thumbnail picture of the FS Saphir (S602)

FS Surcouf (N N 3)
Surcouf (N N 3) was a mammoth French-built attack submarine developed and built during the interwar years between World War 1...
Thumbnail picture of the FS Surcouf (N N 3)

HIJMS RO-100 (Kaisho / Type KS)
Development and production of the RO-100 series (sometimes referred to as "Kaisho" or "small" or simply Type "KS") of Japanes...
Thumbnail picture of the HIJMS RO-100 (Kaisho / Type KS)

HMAS Collins (SSG-73)
When compared to the leading naval powers in the world today, it is easy to overlook Australia's undersea commitment which c...
Thumbnail picture of the HMAS Collins (SSG-73)

HMAS Onslow (SS60 / SSG60)
Australia's first submarine was HMAS AE1 commissioned in 1914 just prior to World War 1 (1914-1918). This vessel's legacy bec...
Thumbnail picture of the HMAS Onslow (SS60 / SSG60)

HMCS Victoria (SSK-876)
The Upholder-class were the last class of diesel boats built for the Royal Navy for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they were c...
Thumbnail picture of the HMCS Victoria (SSK-876)

HMS Agamemnon (S124)
HMS Agamemnon (S124) is the sixth vessel born from the Astute-class of nuclear-powered submarines serving the modern British ...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Agamemnon (S124)

HMS Conqueror (S48)
HMS Conqueror nicknamed the "Conks" was a Churchill-class nuclear-powered fleet submarine that served in the Royal Navy from ...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Conqueror (S48)

HMS Thames (N71)
HMS Thames led the new Thames-class (also "River-class") of attack submarines appearing during the early part of the 1930s fo...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Thames (N71)

HMS Upholder (P37)
Ordered in 1936 HMS Upholder (P37) was the seventh U-class submarine built by the Vickers Armstrong company for the Royal Nav...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Upholder (P37)

HMS Vanguard (S28)
HMS Vanguard (S28) is similar in operational scope to the nuclear-powered, missile-laden American Ohio-class breed of boats. ...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Vanguard (S28)

HMS X-class / X-craft (Series)
The British naval fleet had to keep their battleships and carriers near or in home waters to protect the vital shipping lanes...
Thumbnail picture of the HMS X-class / X-craft (Series)

HNLMS Dolfijn (S808)
The HNLMS Dolfijn (S808) ("Dolphin") is a Walrus-class, diesel-electric attack submarine currently (2013) in service with the...
Thumbnail picture of the HNLMS Dolfijn (S808)

IJN Ha-201 (Type STS)
As the Allied noose tightened evermore so around the Japanese mainland by the midway point of the war in the Pacific, there w...
Thumbnail picture of the IJN Ha-201 (Type STS)

IJN I-15
The most numerous of all the World War II Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) submarine classes was the B1-Type, nicknamed the "I-15...
Thumbnail picture of the IJN I-15

IJN I-201
Amidst mounting losses to Allied warships and attack aircraft across the Pacific, the Japanese Navy was forced to enact as em...
Thumbnail picture of the IJN I-201

IJN I-21
As an island nation, much of Japan's immediate success heading into World War 2 (1939-1945) lay in her naval power projection...
Thumbnail picture of the IJN I-21

IJN I-351
During 1943 to 1945 - what would become the latter half of World War (1939-1945) - the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) put effor...
Thumbnail picture of the IJN I-351

IJN I-400 (STo / Sen-Toku)
At the time of their completion, the I-400 class of submarines serving the Imperial Japanese Navy were the largest submarines...
Thumbnail picture of the IJN I-400 (STo / Sen-Toku)

IJN I-58
The last Japanese submarine built in the B-3 type series family became the I-58. She was laid down on December 26th, 1942, la...
Thumbnail picture of the IJN I-58

IJN I-7 (J3 Type)
When launched on July 3rd, 1935, IJN I-7 and her sister-ship, IJN I-8 ,represented the largest submarines ever put to sea by ...
Thumbnail picture of the IJN I-7 (J3 Type)

INS Arihant (S-73)
With a burgeoning military-industrial complex all its own, the nation of India has undertaken a myriad of programs to help be...
Thumbnail picture of the INS Arihant (S-73)

JDS Oyashio (SS-511)
The Japanese Navy was stripped of much of its war-making capability following the close of World War 2 (1939-1945) and, as su...
Thumbnail picture of the JDS Oyashio (SS-511)

JDS Oyashio (SS-590)
As an island nation, it behooves Japanese authorities to provide its people with a powerful naval fighting force made up of m...
Thumbnail picture of the JDS Oyashio (SS-590)

K-141 Kursk
In the 1980's the East and West had been in a high-tech duel. While America built up her military forces, the Communist Sovie...
Thumbnail picture of the K-141 Kursk

The Kaiten (meaning "Reverse Destiny" or "Change the World") was based on the Japanese Navy Type 93 torpedo and was a top sec...
Thumbnail picture of the Kaiten

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman
KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is a conventionally-powered attack submarine currently in active service with the Royal Malaysian Navy....
Thumbnail picture of the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman

Kilo (Project 877 Paltus)
The Kilo-class submarine was laid down by the Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering and officially commissioned in Apr...
Thumbnail picture of the Kilo (Project 877 Paltus)

Le Triomphant (S616)
The Le Triomphant (S616) (translating to "The Triumphant") is a modern French Navy nuclear ballistic missile submarine develo...
Thumbnail picture of the Le Triomphant (S616)

Maiale (Pig)
In 1935, it had become painfully obvious to Italian authorities that the Italian Navy maintained a weak position in the Medit...
Thumbnail picture of the Maiale (Pig)

NRP Arpao (S161)
NRP Arpao (S161) is an active-service diesel-electric attack submarine of the modern Portuguese Navy. Her keel was laid down ...
Thumbnail picture of the NRP Arpao (S161)

RFS Dmitri Donskoi (TK-208) / (Typhoon / Akula)
By the time of the 1970s, the West was firmly entrenched in a "Cold War" with the Soviet Union to the east. The Soviet Union ...
Thumbnail picture of the RFS Dmitri Donskoi (TK-208) / (Typhoon / Akula)

Thumbnail picture of the S-80 (Series)

SM U-106
Much is made about the German U-Boat scourge of World War 2 but the fleet was no less dangerous in its cause during World War...
Thumbnail picture of the SM U-106

SM U-19
The German Navy undersea force was to play a major role in both World Wars but it was in the first grand conflict that the se...
Thumbnail picture of the SM U-19

SM U-20 (U-XX)
In 1915 Austro-Hungarian authorities ordered construction of four submarines based on an outdated, though proven, Dutch desig...
Thumbnail picture of the SM U-20 (U-XX)

SM U-21
U-21 formed the third of the four-strong class of U-19 U-boats in service with the Imperial German Navy heading into World Wa...
Thumbnail picture of the SM U-21

Thumbnail picture of the SM U-21 (U-XXI)

SM U-9
World War 1 allowed the "submarine" - essentially an undersea warship - to become as deadly a new weapon as the biplane and t...
Thumbnail picture of the SM U-9

Type 212A
Germany today is ranked ninth in the world in terms of defense spending though with a much more moderate budget as compared w...
Thumbnail picture of the Type 212A

Type I U-Boat
Prior to the more advanced classes of German U-boats to see service in World War 2 (1939-1945), the German government funded ...
Thumbnail picture of the Type I U-Boat

Type IX U-Boat
The German Kriegsmarine paid a heavy price for their actions in World War 2, with most of her Type IX class being lost to the...
Thumbnail picture of the Type IX U-Boat

Type VII U-Boat
Type VII u-boats made up a large part of the u-boat fighting force in the Atlantic. This class of fighting ship helped the Ge...
Thumbnail picture of the Type VII U-Boat

Type XXI U-Boat
The Type XXI series of German U-boats were a revolutionary design of fighting boats brought about in 1944. Their type was des...
Thumbnail picture of the Type XXI U-Boat

Type XXIII U-Boat
The Kriegsmarine Type XXIII were developed as smallish coastal submarines to operate in the shallow waters between England an...
Thumbnail picture of the Type XXIII U-Boat

Type XXVII Seehund (Seal)
The Seehund (or "Seal") was the most successful of the several Nazi Kriegsmarine attempts to perfect a "midget" submarine. Mi...
Thumbnail picture of the Type XXVII Seehund (Seal)

U-boat U-25 (Type IA)
Following World War 1 (1914-1918), the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 developed the Treaty of Versailles to formally restrict...
Thumbnail picture of the U-boat U-25 (Type IA)

U-boat U-505 (Type IXC)
U-505 served the German Kriegsmarine (Navy) during World War 2. She is infamously remembered for one of her captains committi...
Thumbnail picture of the U-boat U-505 (Type IXC)

USS Adder (A-2 / SS-3)
Today the United States Navy fields the largest and most powerful naval force in recorded history capable of reaching any poi...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Adder (A-2 / SS-3)

USS Bowfin (SS-287)
The USS Bowfin earned herself a grand reputation for her sea-going prowess in the Second World War. The vessel accounted for ...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Bowfin (SS-287)

USS Connecticut (SSN-22)
Before the end of the Cold War came in 1991, the United States Navy moved forward with a plan to produce a whole new class of...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Connecticut (SSN-22)

USS Drum (SS-228)
When the United States entered into war with the Empire of Japan, it understood its undersea fighting force would play a cruc...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Drum (SS-228)

USS Ethan Allen (SSBN-608) (SSN-608)
The USS Ethan Allen represented the lead ship of her five-strong Ethan Allen-class ballistic missile submarines during the Co...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Ethan Allen (SSBN-608) (SSN-608)

USS Gato (SS-212)
The USS Gato (SS-212) was the lead ship of the large Gato-class submarine fleet which numbered 77 boats and, along with the B...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Gato (SS-212)

USS George Washington (SSBN-598)
The Cold War became largely a tit-for-tat affair between the Soviet Union and the United States. For every single development...
Thumbnail picture of the USS George Washington (SSBN-598)

USS Growler (SSG-577)
USS Growler (SSG-577), a submarine powered by conventional diesel engines, carried nuclear cruise missiles and was built and ...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Growler (SSG-577)

USS Grunion (SS-216)
The USS Grunion (SS 216) is best known for her mysterious dissappearance. Until recently, little was known of the last wherea...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Grunion (SS-216)

USS Holland (SS-1)
Born as the Holland VI / USS Holland (SS-1), this early compact attack submarine was essentially the formal birth of the Unit...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Holland (SS-1)

USS L-5 (SS-44)
America's late entry into World War 1 (1914-1918) meant that many indigenously-designed and developed war products failed to ...
Thumbnail picture of the USS L-5 (SS-44)

USS Ling (SS-297)
The Ling (SS-297) is a late model Balao-class and was the result of an improved Gato-class submarine of which 77 were produce...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Ling (SS-297)

USS Los Angeles (SSN-688)
The nuclear-powered USS Los Angeles (SSN-668) attack submarine represented the lead ship of the largest group of vessels cons...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Los Angeles (SSN-688)

USS Miami (SSN-755)
The USS Miami was part of the powerful Los Angeles-class of attack boats appearing in 1976 and onwards, the class numbering a...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Miami (SSN-755)

USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
The USS Nautilus was the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine and the first vessel to complete a submerged voy...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Nautilus (SSN-571)

USS Ohio (SSGN-726 / SSBN-726)
The Soviet Union and the West were involved in a high stakes game of cat and mouse throughout the Cold War decades. For every...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Ohio (SSGN-726 / SSBN-726)

USS Piranha (SS-389)
Key to victory in the Pacific Theater during World War 2 was control of the vital waterways between the various islands makin...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Piranha (SS-389)

USS Porpoise (SS-172)
USS Porpoise (SS-172) led her 10-strong class prior to and during World War 2 (1939-1945). The boat was a conventional diesel...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Porpoise (SS-172)

USS Scorpion (SSN-589)
USS Scorpion (SSN-589) was a United States nuclear submarine of the "Skipjack" Class. Scorpion was made by the Electric Boa...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Scorpion (SSN-589)

USS Seawolf (SSN-21)
The USS Seawolf was designed and developed during the Cold War though by the time she was made available, the Cold War was al...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Seawolf (SSN-21)

USS Tullibee (SSN-597)
USS Tullibee (SSN-597), then a "state-of-the-art" construction of the early 1960s, and was the smallest nuclear-powered attac...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Tullibee (SSN-597)

USS Virginia (SSN-774)
The USS Virginia (SSN-774) is a modern, nuclear-powered attack submarine in service with the United States Navy. The vessel i...
Thumbnail picture of the USS Virginia (SSN-774)

Whiskey (Project 613)
Interestingly the Soviet Union managed a greater submarine fleet than Germany did heading into World War 2 (1939-1945). howev...
Thumbnail picture of the Whiskey (Project 613)

Yuri Dolgoruky (K-535)
For 2013, the Russian Navy is continuing its programs that will see all-new nuclear-attack submarines, missile-minded frigate...
Thumbnail picture of the Yuri Dolgoruky (K-535)