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Naval Battlecruisers

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 1/6/2016

Outfitted like battleships, Battlecruisers were purposely-designed to maintain the speed of traditional cruisers at the expense of armor protection.

A British naval development, Battlecruisers were championed by Admiral Fisher of the British Navy as an attempt to mate the destructive firepower of the Dreadnought battleship with the speed of a cruiser. The resulting design did not prove cohesive enough to warrant a new naval revolution and only the British, Japanese, and Germans went on to adopt such warships. Despite their generally flawed concept, several of the type did go on to find successes in the various wars of the 20th Century.

There are a total of (8) Battlecruisers in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below by initial year of service. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

HMAS Australia (1911)
... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the HMAS Australia (1911)

HMS Hood (51)
HMS Hood stood as the pride and joy of the British Royal Navy for over two decades. She was construc... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Hood (51)

HMS Tiger
HMS Tiger was a battlecruiser warship developed for the British Royal Navy and the only ship of her ... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the HMS Tiger

IJN Kirishima
From the period between 1912 and 1915, the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) put to water four Kongo-clas... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the IJN Kirishima

IJN Kongo
In 1911 the Imperial Japanese Diet (Teikoku-gikai) passed funds to support the Naval Emergency Expan... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the IJN Kongo

KMS Scharnhorst
After World War 1 the British Royal Navy continued to guard its trade routes with a powerful fleet o... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the KMS Scharnhorst

SMS Goeben (Yavuz)
In 1909, the SMS Goeben became the second of two Moltke-class battlecruisers built in Hamburg, Germa... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the SMS Goeben (Yavuz)

SMS Moltke
The German battlecruiser SMS Moltke was the lead ship of her class consisting of two ships with her ... [Read More]
Thumbnail picture of the SMS Moltke