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Age of Sail Warships

Early naval warfare was typified by wooden, tall-masted, wind-powered vessels armed with cannon with crews made up of both sailors and soldiers.

There are a total of 18 Age of Sail Warships in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.


In the 15th Century, Western Europeans were consistently venturing further into Atlantic waters for empirical conquest and ec...

Henry Grace a Dieu (1514)
In 1514, King Henry VIII of England built the "Henry Grace a Dieu" ("Henry, Grace of God") which was called by the men who sa...


HMS Ark Royal (1587)
In 1586, an English galleon was ordered by Sir Walter Raleigh from the shipbuilder R. Chapman located in Depford, England. As...


HMS Duke of Wellington
HMS Duke of Wellington was a hybrid ship of sorts, initially operating under sail power but eventually giving way to the adve...

HMS Royal Sovereign (1786)
HMS Royal Sovereign served the British Royal Navy during the latter portion of the 18th Century and the early portion of the ...

HMS Victory (1765)
As fate would have it in 1758, the same year of Lord Nelson's birth the Board of Admiralty ordered twelve new ships of the li...

Orient (Dauphin Royal / Sans-Culotte)
In 1780, the French Navy came to the decision, with advice from Jean-Charles de Borda, a knight, naval officer and a member o...

USS Alfred (1774)
The Alfred became a 30 gun man-of-war (20 x 9-pounder cannons and 10 x 6-pounder cannons, both smoothbore) for the burgeoning...

USS America (1782)
On November 9th, 1776, the Continental Congress authorized the construction and purchase of three 74-gun ships. The first of...

USS Bonhomme Richard (1765)
The Duc de Duras, a 900 ton merchant ship built in France for the French East India Company in 1765, transported freight betw...


USS Constitution
The USS Constitution was a product of changing times in America's policy. Fresh off of their independence war decades earlier...

USS United States (1797)
The Congressional Act to Provide Naval Armament (known as the Naval Act of 1794) was passed by the United States Congress on ...

USS Wasp (1775)
The short-lived eight-gun schooner USS Wasp was born as a two-masted merchantman known as the "Scorpion". The Continental Con...

USS Yorktown (1840)
In 1815, the entire United States naval force consisted of 18 warships - the USS Independence, a 90-gun ship-of-the-line, 5 f...
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