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Sarsilmaz Kilinc 2000 (ArmaLite AR-24)

Semi-Automatic Pistol

Infantry / Small Arms

Introduced in 2007, the Sarsilmaz Kilinc 2000 series pistol serves both the Turkish Army and select Turkish police forces.

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Turkish military industry has begun to flourish in recent years and its reach has allowed for more indigenous solutions to be found for outstanding local defense requirements. The Sarsilmaz "Kilinc 2000", introduced in 2007, is a locally-made semi-automatic pistol in service with the Turkish military as and select police forces. It is a largely conventional semi-automatic design relying on a short-recoil principle with locked breech action while chambered for the ubiquitous German 9x19mm Luger Parabellum pistol cartridge. 10-, 13-, and 15-round magazine round counts are featured across two major versions - the Turkish Kilinc 2000 and the AR-24, the latter being an American market variant released by ArmaLite. Kilinc 2000 guns are manufactured in Turkey by Sarsilmaz Silah Sanayi.

Externally, the Kilinc 2000 features design elements consistent with semi-automatic pistols encountered in many armed forces. Its upper section is dominated by a heavy milled slide protected from general corrosion and wear and tear through a manganese phosphate treatment. Accordingly, the frame is of forged steel for robustness. Overall weight is around 35 ounces depending on the model in question with lengths reaching 8.27 inches overall. Sighting is through either a fixed or adjustable arrangement depending on installation. The ArmaLite concern has marketed several subvariants of the main form as the AR-24/15 Standard, AR-24/15C Tactical Custom, and the AR-24K/13 Compact / AR-24K/13C Compact Tactical Custom - varying in their choice of barrel lengths, ammunition counts, and grips.


Sarsilmaz Silah Sanayi - Turkey / ArmaLite - USA
National flag of Turkey National flag of United States Turkey; United States
- Close Quarters Battle (CQB) / Personal Security
- Sidearm
Overall Length:
210 mm (8.27 in)
Barrel Length:
118 mm (4.65 in)
Weight (Unloaded):
2.18 lb (0.99 kg)
Iron Fixed or Adjustable (model dependent)
Short Recoil; Locked Breech
Muzzle Velocity:
850 feet-per-second (259 meters-per-second)
Effective Range:
80 ft (24 m; 27 yd)
Kilinc 2000 - Turkish Designation
AR-24 - American market product designation by ArmaLite
AR-24/15 Standard - Dovetail (fixed) rear sight; parkerized finish.
AR-24/15C Tactical Custom - Rear notch adjustable sight; checkered from and back grip straps.
AR-24K/13 Compact - Compact version; fixed iron sights; shortened barrel and frame; 13-round magazine count.
AR-24K/13C Compact Tactical - Compact version; adjustable sights; 13-round magazine count.

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