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S&T Motiv (Daewoo) XK9 / XK10 (DS9A)

Submachine Gun (SMG)

S&T Motiv (Daewoo) XK9 / XK10 (DS9A)

Submachine Gun (SMG)


The XK9 and XK10 submachine guns were a South Korean attempt to provide general forces and specialist troops with a homegrown SMG solution.
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ORIGIN: South Korea
YEAR: 2003
MANUFACTURER(S): S&T Motiv (Daewoo) - South Korea
OPERATORS: South Korea (cancelled)

Common measurements, and their respective conversions, are shown when possible. Calibers listed may be model/chambering dependent.
ACTION: Blowback; Selective Fire
CALIBER(S): 9x19mm Parabellum
LENGTH (OVERALL): 680 millimeters (26.77 inches)
LENGTH (BARREL): 220 millimeters (8.66 inches)
WEIGHT (UNLOADED): 6.39 pounds (2.90 kilograms)
SIGHTS: Iron; Optional Optics
MUZZLE VELOCITY: 1,250 feet-per-second (381 meters-per-second)
RATE-OF-FIRE: 980 rounds-per-minute
RANGE (EFFECTIVE): 500 feet (152 meters; 167 yards)

Series Model Variants
• XK9 - Base Series Designation; 2.9kg weight; 680mm extended length, 438mm folded; 220mm barrel length.
• XK10 - Shortened, lighter weight form; 2.8kg weight; 590mm extended length, 348mm folded length; 134mm barrel length.
• DS9A - Alternative designation


Detailing the development and operational history of the S&T Motiv (Daewoo) XK9 / XK10 (DS9A) Submachine Gun (SMG).  Entry last updated on 9/22/2016. Authored by Staff Writer. Content ©
The S&T Daewoo XK9 marked a new developmental submachine gun design intended for use by South Korean special forces and general military personnel. The type was chambered for the ubiquitous 9x19mm Parabellum pistol cartridge feeding from a 30-round straight detachable box magazine. In function it was to mimic the capabilities of the storied German Heckler & Koch MP5 series which remains in widespread circulation worldwide but it appears that only developmental forms of the South Korean product were realized in or around 2003.

The XK10 became an offshoot of the XK9 and offered with folding skeletal stock and more compact dimensions for ease-of-use in confined quarters. As of this writing, the XK9/XK10 project appears to be cancelled. It is also mentioned under the designation of "DS9A" in some sources.

At its core, the weapon fired from a blowback system of operation at a rate of 980 rounds-per-minute. The submachine gun weighed nearly 3 kilograms when empty and sported an overall length of 680mm. The barrel of the XK9 measured 220mm long with effective engagement ranges out to 150 meters

Externally the weapon featured a traditional arrangement with angled pistol grip aft of the action, a forward-set magazine well and a largely rectangular receiver. The stock was either solid or skeletal depending on model and a section of rail was fitted over the receiver for the mounting of optics or tactical gear. As in the MP5, the barrel of the XK9 was mounted low within the forend section.