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Warships and Submarines Index

The second oldest battlefield of the world - the ocean - continues to evolve and now includes stealth technology and more advanced onboard systems.

Since the early days of sea-faring, the warship has maintained a presence on the battlefield. No more was this apparent than in the great battles fought throughout the "Age of Sail" between the various naval powers of Europe. With the arrival of the ironclad, the steel-clad warship followed, culminating in the battleship. Succeeding them were the aircraft carrier and submarine, which own the waters today.

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Our listing of past and present warship and submarine types (including complete classes) by operating country, from Albania to Vietnam.
This section details the current top naval powers of the world by individual component that make up their respective fleet.
Warships and submarines are all ruled by different standards and this section attempts to make sense of it all by covering the various types.
All those vessels and watercraft currently in operational service or being considered by the various naval powers of the world.
Each passing decade has seen a slight evolution of the warship, from the wood-and-sail creations of yesteryear to the steel beasts of today.
WORLD WAR 1 (1914-1918)
The great naval clash of the Battle of Jutland headlined ocean-going warfare during The Great War years at the beginning of the 20th Century.
WORLD WAR 2 (1939-1945)
Both the aircraft carrer and attack submarine came into their own during the naval campaigns dotting the World War 2 battlescape.
VIETNAM WAR (1955-1975)
The naval commitment in the Vietnam War was just as important as the air and ground wars in this Cold War-era conflict.