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Modern Navies - Current Warships and Submarines of the World's Sea-going Forces

One of the oldest facets of warfare is the sea component - today managed by powerful warships and attack submarines.

Naval forces serve as one component of a three-pronged approach when waging war (Land-Sea-Air). Used in conjunction with other services, naval power is critical to subduing enemy elements on the surface of the sea and under it. The major powers of the world currently hold in inventory hundreds of combat vessels of various types with the United States Navy (USN) leading the way.

Flag of Argentina
  Argentine Navy
Flag of modern France
  French Navy
Flag of modern Japan
  Indian Navy
Flag of modern Japan
  Japan Maritime SDF
Flag of North Korea
  Korean People's Naval Force
Flag of China
  People's Liberation Army Navy
Flag of South Korea
  Republic of Korea Navy
Flag of Australia
  Royal Australian Navy
Flag of Great Britain
  Royal Navy (Britain)
Flag of Russia
  Russian Navy
Flag of Turkey
  Turkish Naval Forces
Flag of the United States
  United States Navy (USN)