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Modern Armies - Armored Vehicles, Combat Tanks and Artillery Systems of the World's Fighting Ground Forces

It still falls to ground forces to make the difference in war - capturing key points and driving back enemy elements.

Ground forces serve as one component of a three-pronged approach when waging war (Land-Sea-Air). Used in conjunction with other services, the ground force is critical to subduing enemy elements on the ground and capturing strategic and tactical points. The major powers of the world currently hold in inventory thousands of combat vehicles and artillery systems of various types with th elargest ground forces belonging to the United States, Russia and China.

Flag of Britain
      British Army
Flag of Egypt
      Egyptian Army
Flag of France
      French Army
Flag of France
      German Army
Flag of India
      Indian Army
Flag of Israel
      Israeli Defense Forces
Flag of North Korea
      Korean People's Army AF
Flag of Pakistan
      Pakistan Army
Flag of China
      People's Liberation Army GF
Flag of the Philippines
      Philippine Army
Flag of Poland
      Polish Land Forces
Flag of South Korea
      Republic of Korea Army
Flag of Saudi Arabia
      Royal Saudi Land Forces
Flag of Russia
      Russian Army
Flag of Syria
      Syrian Army
Flag of Turkey
      Turkish Land Forces
Flag of the United States
      United States Army
Flag of the United States
      U.S. Marine Corps (USMC)
Flag of Venezuela
      Venezuelan Army