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World War 2 Tanks (by Country) - Combat Tank Vehicles Arranged by Respective Users in the War

The tank was an all-important factor for all sides of the ground war of World War 2.

World War 2 showcased some of the grandest land battles in military history and much of the focus of these engagements centered on the combat tank. The tank evolved much in these war years, from light, fast and ill-equipped systems to large, heavy and stout steel beasts lumbering about the battlefield. As armor protection increased, so too did armament leading many forces to outfit their tracked combat platforms with proven tank-killing measures - was the case with the Germans and their much-feared '88' gun.

The conflict brought about the final forms of the medium and heavy tank types, culminating in the Main Battle Tank (MBT) made possible through British ingenuity (Centurion A41). Other world powers soon followed their lead and the MBT was here to stay.