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Arado Ar E.340

Nazi Germany (1943)

Detailing the development and operational history of the Arado Ar E.340 Medium Bomber Concept Aircraft.

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  Arado Ar E.340  
Picture of Arado Ar E.340 Medium Bomber Concept Aircraft

The cancelled, twin-boom Arado Ar E.340 was to replace the Junkers Ju 88 and Dornier Do 217s medium bombers in service with the German Luftwaffe during World War 2.

Arado proposed the Ar E.340 for a German Air Ministry requirement during World War 2 calling for a twin-engined, medium-class bomber to replace the pre-war line of Junkers Ju 88 and Dornier Do 217 bombers then in frontline service. The Arado submission offered the potential for multi-role airframe capable of level bombing, dive-bombing and Close-Air Support (CAS). While four prominent German aviation bureaus submitting their designs, the Arado contribution was selected for further development.

As conceived, the E.340 was to utilize a twin-boom, prop-powered layout with a centralized fuselage nacelle. Engines would be fitted at the front of each nacelle to contour along the wing leading edges. The aft portions of the booms would mount horizontal planes and vertical fins. There was no stabilizer plane between the two aft boom sections (as seen in the American Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter). Wings included reinforced roots inboard of each boom and sections found outboard. Consistent with the period, the leading edge was to be straight with the trailing edge angled forwards to the clipped wingtips. The operating crew was to number four with the cockpit at the front-most section of the fuselage nacelle, heavily glazed for optimal viewing. Armament was to include 3 x 20mm MG 151/20 series cannons with 2 x 13mm MG131 heavy machine guns. Also proposed were 2 x radio-controlled powered turrets (dorsal and ventral) and unknown armament to be fitted at each aft portion of each tail boom to protect the aircraft's critical "six". The bomb load (estimated) would be 13,000lb.
Power was to be served through an engine pair of either Junkers, Daimler-Benz or BMW origin with the Junkers Jumo 222 was eventually selected for the final product. The estimated maximum speed was 360 mph with a range of 2,235 miles. Due to the fuel requirement of the Jumo (and its extreme scarcity in wartime Germany), development of the entire project suffered and was ultimately cancelled.
Arado Ar E.340 Specifications
National Flag Graphic
Nazi Germany
Year: 1943
Status: Cancelled
Type: Medium Bomber Concept Aircraft
Manufacturer(s): Arado Flugzeugwerke - Nazi Germany
Production: 0
Supported Mission Types
Ground Attack
Close-Air Support
Airborne Early Warning
Electronic Warfare
Aerial Tanker
Passenger Industry
VIP Travel
Business Travel
Special Forces
Crew: 4
Width: 75.39 ft (22.98 m)
Empty Weight: 26,455 lb (12,000 kg)
MTOW: 52,911 lb (24,000 kg)

Installed Power
2 x Jumo 222 series piston engines.

Standard Day Performance
Maximum Speed: 360 mph (580 kph; 313 kts)
Maximum Range: 2,237 mi (3,600 km; 1,944 nm)
Service Ceiling: 18,373 ft (5,600 m; 3.48 mi)

3 x MG 151/20 20mm cannons in turret
2 x EDL 131 13mm machine guns in turret

Unknown armament in tailbooms aft (rear-firing)
Unknown armament in fuselage aft (rear-firing)

Up to 13,000lbs of ordnance (estimated).

Operators List
Nazi Germany

Series Model Variants
• Ar E.340 - Main Series Designation

Supported Weapon Systems
Graphical image of an aircraft medium machine gun
Graphical image of an aircrat automatic cannon