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Indonesian Aerospace N-245 - Indonesia, 2020

Detailing the development and operational history of the Indonesian Aerospace N-245 Medium-Lift Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) Military Transport Aircraft.

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  Indonesian Aerospace N-245  
Picture of Indonesian Aerospace N-245

The N-245 is another under-development aircraft venture by Indonesian Aerospace for the military sphere.

For decades the nation of Indonesia has operated the Spanish CASA C-235 high-winged transport at both the civilian and military levels. With a renewal of initiative in its aerospace sector, it was only natural then that the country moved to local production of the proven and globally-popular series - though with modifications to suit local requirements. This has spawned the "N-245" product by Indonesian Aerospace and the aircraft remains in development as of this writing.

Development of the N-245 began in 2016. Now firmly with government backing, a first-flight of a prototype is tentatively scheduled for 2019.

The N-245 is essentially an offshoot of the Spanish design, retaining all of the form and function of the original save for a lengthened fuselage, all-new T-style tail unit and a shift to Pratt & Whitney engines. It seats fifty passengers and sports a crew of two. Power is from two engines, these underslung at each wing mainplane. With the high-mounted wings, the N-245 is set to have excellent Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities as well as good short-field/rough-field performance and "hot-and-high" abilities. The series is intended primarily for military service and will feature systems common to military transport types (though it will lack the rear-loading ramp of the C-235). Power is from 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engines, these readily available in the region and offered at a good price.

Indonesian Aerospace N-245 Specifications

Service Year: 2020
Type: Medium-Lift Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) Military Transport Aircraft
National Origin: Indonesia
Manufacturer(s): Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) - Indonesia
Total Production: 0

Structural (Crew, Dimensions, Weights)

Operating Crew (Typical): 2
Overall Length: 73.82 feet (22.5 meters)
Overall Width: 85.30 feet (26.00 meters)
Overall Height: 26.90 feet (8.20 meters)

Weight (Empty): 22,046 lb (10,000 kg)
Weight (MTOW): 35,274 lb (16,000 kg)

Power / Performance (Engine Type, Top Speed)

Engine: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engines of unknown model and output driving four-bladed propeller units.

Maximum Speed: 243 knots (280 mph; 450 kph)
Maximum Range: 2,376 nautical miles (2,734 miles; 4,400 km)
Service Ceiling: 26,247 feet (8,000 meters; 4.97 miles)
Rate-of-Climb: 1,800 feet-per-minute (549 m/min)

Armament / Mission Payload


Global Operators (Customers, Users)

Indonesia (planned)

Model Variants

N-245 - Base Series Designation.

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