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Ilyushin IL-112

Light-class Military Transport Aircraft

The in-development Ilyushin IL-112 military transport is intended for service with the Russian Air Force.
Authored By: Staff Writer | Edited: 4/11/2019
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Year: 2021
Status: In-Development
Manufacturer(s): Ilyushin / Voronezh Aircraft Production Association - Russia
Production: 1
Capabilities: Transport; Medical Evacuation; Search and Rescue (SAR); Special Forces;
Crew: 2
Length: 75.95 ft (23.15 m)
Width: 84.48 ft (25.75 m)
Height: 29.10 ft (8.87 m)
Weight (Empty): 22,046 lb (10,000 kg)
Weight (MTOW): 44,092 lb (20,000 kg)
Power: 2 x Klimov TV7-117ST turboprop engines developing 3,500 horsepower each.
Speed: 295 mph (475 kph; 256 kts)
Ceiling: 24,934 feet (7,600 m; 4.72 miles)
Range: 2,485 miles (4,000 km; 2,160 nm)
Operators: Russia (probable)
The Ilyushin IL-112 is being developed by Russian industry for the light transport market (namely military in its scope). The design phase of the program is being handled by the storied Ilyushin concern with manufacture to be headed by Voronezh Aircraft Production Association. The aircraft remains in development as of this writing (2017) with an estimated first-flight date to be had sometime in 2017 (delayed from 2011). The primary customer to date is the Russian Air Force where the IL-112 is to succeed the aging line of Antonov An-26 transports.

The IL-112 takes many proven qualities of existing light transports meant for short-field / rough-field operations and blends them in to an advanced modern design. The fuselage is well-rounded and sleek with a multi-windowed flight deck for excellent vision out of the cockpit (as well as towards each engine installation). The engine nacelles are underslung at each wing member with the mainplanes themselves being shoulder-mounted to promote excellent inherent lift qualities. The empennage is dominated by a T-style tail unit with high-mounted stabilizers. The raised tail section also permits unfettered access to the cargo hold within the body of the airplane. The undercarriage is wholly wheeled and retractable while being designed for rough-field operation.

Internally, there will be an all-glass cockpit (complete with no fewer than six full-color LCD monitors detailing pertinent mission and performance information for the crew) and fully-digital avionics suite (Kupol-3, common to the newer IL-76MD-90A transport of the Russian Air Force as well). Systems and subsystems will promote operations in all-weather as well as day and low-light / night time environments while also able to operate in extreme cold weather regions.

As the finalized design stands, the aircraft will feature a crew of two and sport an overall length of 79.2 feet with a wingspan of 90.6 feet and a height of 29.1 feet. Its Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) is listed at 46,300 lb.

Power will be from 2 x Klimov TV7-117ST turboprop engines developing 3,500 horsepower each and driving six-bladed propeller units. Estimated performance specifications include a cruising speed of up to 270 knots, an operational range out to 1,500 miles (with a 3.5 ton load), and a service ceiling up to 25,000 feet. The required runway length will be 1,200 meters - showcasing an excellent short-field capability.

The standard production model is designated "IL-112V" while the light transport model will be known as the IL-112VT. The Russian Air Force is committed to acquiring about seventy of the new aircraft.

Program Updates

May 2017 - A first-flight for a prototype IL-112 is now scheduled for late-2017.

July 2017 - The IL-112 prototype remains in final assembly at VASO in Voronezh. A first-flight is now scheduled for early 2018.

June 2018 - The first IL-112 nears completion at its VASO manufacturing plant. The product is now a candidate for an unmanned aircraft program as well through an agreement signed with Kronstadt Group.

August 2018 - Initial deliveries of the IL-112 transport are scheduled to begin during 2020.

November 2018 - The prototype IL-112 was rolled out at the VASO plant in Voronezh. A first-flight is scheduled before the end of 2018. Twenty-two aircraft are expected through a first-batch running into 2025.

March 2019 - The Prototype IL-112 has achieved its first flight on March 30th, 2019 from the VASO facility of Voronezh.


None. Cargo load of up to 5 tons is estimated to include 26 combat-ready paratroopers, 50 infantry, two light-class vehicles or cargo-supporting pallets.

Variants / Models

• IL-112 - Base Series Designation.
• IL-112V - Initial production model.
• IL-112VT - Russian Air Force dedicated transport model.
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