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Dassault Rafale vs HAL Tejas LCA (Light Combat Aircraft)

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Side-by-Side comparison of the Dassault Rafale Multirole 4th Generation Fighter Aircraft and the HAL Tejas LCA (Light Combat Aircraft) Multirole 4th Generation Lightweight Fighter Aircraft.
Comparison results are showcased below. Values with a number '0' reflect a 'not available'/NA - this is common with X-plane designs. Rotary-wing (helicopter) systems include their main rotor diameter as part of their 'width'. UAV entries may display crew values as '0', not taking into account ground-based controllers.

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Dassault Rafale C
HAL Tejas Mk.1
175 units [Diff.+143]
32 units [Diff.-143]
50.20 ft (15.30 m) [Diff.+6.89 ft]
43.31 ft (13.20 m) [Diff.-6.89 ft]
35.76 ft (10.90 m) [Diff.+8.86 ft]
26.90 ft (8.20 m) [Diff.-8.86 ft]
17.52 ft (5.34 m) [Diff.+3.08 ft]
14.44 ft (4.40 m) [Diff.-3.08 ft]
Empty Wt.
20,944 lb (9,500 kg) [Diff.+6,482 lb]
14,462 lb (6,560 kg) [Diff.-6,482 lb]
54,013 lb (24,500 kg) [Diff.+24,251 lb]
29,762 lb (13,500 kg) [Diff.-24,251 lb]
2 x SNECMA M88-2 augmented afterburning turbofan engines developing 11,250lb of dry thrust each and 19,555 lb of thrust with reheat.
1 x General Electric F404-GE-IN20 afterburning turbofan engine developing 19,000 lb thrust.
1,190 mph (1,915 kph) [Diff.-180 mph]
1,370 mph (2,205 kph) [Diff.+180 mph]
1,150 miles (1,850 km) [Diff.+93 miles]
1,056 miles (1,700 km) [Diff.-93 miles]
49,984 ft (15,235 m) [Diff.-2,510 feet]
52,493 ft (16,000 m) [Diff.+2,510 feet]
1 x 30mm GIAT 30/M791 internal automatic cannon.

Mission-specific armament with a maximum load of up to 20,900 lb on fourteen external hardpoints. Can include the following (or a mix of):

MBDA MICA medium-range Air-to-Air Missiles (AAMs).
MBDA "Meteor" long-range AAMs.
ASMP nuclear stand-off missiles.
AM-39 "Exocet" anti-ship missiles.
AS 30L laser-guided Air-to-Surface Missiles (ASMs).
APACHE stand-off munitions dispensers.
Laser-Guided Bombs ("Paveway" / "Enhanced Paveway" LGB family).
Anti-Armor / Anti-Runway / Runway Denial munitions.
Air-to-Surface Rocket Pods.
Air-Launched Cruiser Missiles (ALCMs)
3 x Jettisonable Fuel Drop Tanks.
1 x 23mm GSh-23 twin-barrel internal cannon.

Air-to-air (short-range, medium-range, and long-range), air-to-surface, laser-guided and conventional drop/launch ordnance as needed. External fuel and LITENING targeting pod can replace some weapon systems at certain hardpoints.

Ordnance options also include rocket pods, anti-radiation missiles, anti-ship missiles, laser-guided bombs, Fuel-Air Explosives (FAEs), and cluster bombs.
Relative Size Comparison
NOTES: Shapes below depict aircraft from wingtip-to-wingtip / nose-to-tail assuming aircraft are being viewed from overhead perspective (the nose pointing towards the top of your screen). Helicopter widths include main rotor diameter. If any dimensional values are "NA" in our database then the presented shapes will appear skewed.
Compare size graphic
Dassault Rafale C
Compare size graphic
HAL Tejas Mk.1
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