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  • World War 2 Weapons (1939-1945)

    No other war of recent history holds the interest of many as does World War 2 with its veritable array of characters, events and, of course, weaponry.

    World War 2 required a massive outpouring of manufacturing capabilities, giving rise to one of the world's largest industrial producers in the United States of America. The war, and its global reach, challenged many-a-nation to rise up and fight the Axis spread, which was led by German leader Adolph Hitler in Europe, and the empirical reach of Japan across Asia and the Pacific. With its roots planted firmly in The Great War, World War 2 was more or less an extension of the preceding conflict, seeing the growing fusion of man and machine into a more terrifying fighting force. The war was one of very defined heroes (the Allies) and villains (the Axis powers), each supporting their respective freedoms and tyranny while others played the game as it evolved (the Soviet Union of instance). In any case, the war set the stage for the regional conflicts we now witness in our 21st Century and have had a lasting impact on current and upcoming history. National powers are listed below in alphabetical order (A-Z).

    A special listing of D-Day Invasion Weapons is also available. Weapons of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor are available here.

    NOTE: Weapons in development during the war (such as certain jet/rocket aircraft and some heavy tanks) are included in this listing though they may have not reached serial production nor operational service before the end of the conflict (September of 1945). Listings generally follow the Aircraft > Armor > Small Arms > Artillery > Warships order.


    ARA Moreno

    Minas Gerais
      British India  

    Vickers K
      China (Republic of)  

    Type 24 Rifle
    60mm Type 31

    Amiot 143
    Amiot 354
    ANF Les Mureaux
    Arsenal VB-10
    Arsenal VG-33
    Bloch MB.150
    Bloch 210
    Bloch MB.700
    Bloch 210
    Hawk 75
    Latecoere 298
    LeO 25
    LeO 45
    Potez 230
    Potez 630
    FCM 36
    FCM Char 2C
    FCM F1
    Hotchkiss H35
    Hotchkiss H39
    Panhard Type 178
    Renault Char B1
    Renault Char D1
    Renault FT-17
    Renault R35
    SOMUA S35
    UNIC-Kegresse P107
       SMALL ARMS  
    Berthier Rifle
    50mm Brandt mle 37
    60mm Brandt mle 35
    81mm Brandt mle 27
    Darne Machine Gun
    F1 Grenade
    Lebel Model 1886
    MAC mle 1931
    MAPF Kriegsmodell
    MAS 36 Rifle
    MAS 36 SMG
    MAS M1892 Revolver
    Model 1909 LMG
    Model 1914 LMG
    Model 1917 RSC
    Model 1929 LMG
    SACM Modele 1935
    37mm M1916 TRP
    47mm SA M1937
    75mm M1897
    105mm M1913 Schneider
    155mm M1917 Schneider
    155mm M1917 GPF
    Belle Poule
    FS Bearn
    FS Bretagne
    FS Georges Leygues
    FS Jean Bart
    FS Montcalm
    FS Richelieu
    FS Rubis
    FS Surcouf
    FS Dixmude A609

    Arado Ar.68
    Arado Ar.195
    Arado Ar.195
    Arado Ar.232
    Arado Ar.234 Blitz
    Arado Ar.240
    Arado E.340
    Arado E.340
    Arado E.500
    Arado E.530
    Arado E.555
    Arado E.560
    Arado E.561
    Arado E.580
    Arado E.581.4
    Arado E.654
    Arado NJ-1
    Arado Projekt II
    Arado TEW 16/43-13
    Arado TEW 16/43-15
    Arado TEW 16/43-19
    Arado TEW 16/43-23
    Bachem Ba 349
    Bv 40
    Bv 138
    Bv 141
    Bv 155
    Bv 222 Viking
    Bv 238
    Bv Ae.607
    Bv P.170
    Bv P.192
    Bv P.194
    Bv P.208
    Bv P.209.02
    Bv P.212
    DFS 230
    Dornier Do 17
    Dornier Do 18
    Dornier Do 22
    Dornier Do 24
    Dornier Do 215
    Dornier Do 217
    Dornier P.256
    Dornier Do 335 Pfeil
    Fieseler Fi 103R
    Fieseler Fi 156 Storch
    Fieseler Fi 167
    Flettner Fl 265
    Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri
    Focke-Achelis Fa 223
    Focke-Achelis Fa 269
    Focke-Wulf Fw 61
    Focke-Wulf Fw 187
    Focke-Wulf Fw 189
    Focke-Wulf Fw 190
    Focke-Wulf Fw 191
    Focke-Wulf Fw 200
    Focke-Wulf 3x1000C
    Focke-Wulf P.VII
    Focke-Wulf Projekt II
    Focke-Wulf Projekt K
    Focke-Wulf Super Lorin
    Focke-Wulf Ta 152
    Focke-Wulf Ta 154
    Focke-Wulf Ta 183
    Focke-Wulf Ta 283
    Focke-Wulf Ta 400
    Gotha P.60A/B
    Gotha P.60C
    Gotha Go.242
    Gotha Go.244
    Heinkel He 51
    Heinkel He 59
    Heinkel He 70
    Heinkel He 111
    Heinkel He 111Z
    Heinkel He 112
    Heinkel He 115
    Heinkel He 162
    Heinkel He 176
    Heinkel He 177
    Heinkel He 178
    Heinkel He 219 Uhu
    Heinkel He 277
    Heinkel He 280
    Heinkel He 343
    Heinkel P.1077 Julia
    Heinkel P.1078B
    Heinkel P.1078C
    Heinkel P.1079
    Heinkel Lerche
    Henschel Hs 123
    Henschel Hs 129
    Henschel Hs 132
    Henschel P.75
    Horten Ho IX / Go 229
    Horten Ho XVIII
    Horten Ho X
    Junkers Ju 52
    Junkers Ju 87 Stuka
    Junkers Ju 88
    Junkers Ju 187
    Junkers Ju 188 Rache
    Junkers Ju 287
    Junkers Ju 290
    Junkers Ju 352 Herkules
    Junkers Ju 388
    Junkers Ju 390
    Junkers Ju 488
    Junkers EF 128
    Junkers EF 140
    Junkers P.009
    Lippisch GB
    Lippisch P.13A
    Lippisch P.13B
    Luftwaffe Mistel
    Me 108 Taifun
    Me 109
    Me 110 Zerstorer
    Me 163 Komet
    Me 209-II
    Me 262 Schwalbe
    Me 321 Gigant
    Me 323 Gigant
    Me 328
    Me 329
    Me 410 Hornisse
    Me P.1099
    Me P.1101
    Me P.1101/92
    Me P.1106
    Me P.1110
    Me P.1111
    Me P.1112
    Me P.262 HG III
    BMW R4
    BMW R12
    BMW R35
    BMW R61
    BMW R75
    Daimler-Benz G4
    E-100 Tiger Maus
    Ferdinand / Elephant
    Hornisse / Nashorn
    Jagdpanzer IV
    Ostwind AAA
    Marder I
    Marder II
    Marder III
    Mobelwagen AAA
    Opel Blitz
    P.1000 Ratte
    P.1500 Monster
    Panzer I
    Panzer II
    Panzer III
    Panzer IV
    Panzer V (Panther)
    Panzer VI (Tiger)
    Panzer VIB (Tiger II)
    Panzer VIII (Maus)
    PzKpfW 35(t)
    PzKpfW 38(t)
    PzKpfW 38(t) Grille
    SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad
    SdKfz 11
    SdKfz 221
    SdKfz 222
    SdKfz 223
    SdKfz 231 (6-Rad)
    SdKfz 231-263 (8-Rad)
    SdKfz 234 (Puma)
    SdKfz 250
    SdKfz 251
    SdKfz 252
    sIG 33 SPA
    StuG III
    StuG IV
    Wespe SPA
    Wirbelwind AAA
    Zundapp K500W
       SMALL ARMS  
    5cm GrW 36
    8cm GrW 34
    Bergmann MP18
    FG42 LMG
    FmW 35
    FmW 41
    Gew 41
    Gew 43
    Gew 98
    Krag-Jorgensen M1894
    Kriegsmodell 17
    KG m/40 LMG
    Luger P08
    Mauser sPzB 41
    Mauser Model 1912
    Mauser Model 1932
    Mauser C96
    Mauser Kar 98K
    Maxim MG08
    MG15 GPMG
    MG34 GPMG
    MG42 GPMG
    Model 24 Grenade
    Model 39 Grenade
    MP38 SMG
    MP40 SMG
    MP41 SMG
    MP3008 SMG
    MP44 / StG44
    MP45 / StG45
    Pistole P27(c)
    PzB 38 ATR
    PzB 39 ATR
    Panzerfaust 30
    Panzerfaust 60
    Volkssturmgewehr VG
    Walther P38
    Walther PP
    Walther PPK
    Anzio Annie
    FlaK 18 / 36 / 37
    FlaK 30
    FlaK 40
    FlaK 41 (5cm)
    FlaK 41 (8.8cm)
    Granatwerfer 42
    Haubitze M.1
    Kanone 3
    Kanone 16
    Kanone 18 (15cm)
    Kanone 18 (17cm)
    Kanone 39
    leFH 16
    leFH 18/40
    leIG 18
    Morser 16
    Morser 18
    Nebelwerfer 41 (15cm)
    Nebelwerfer 41 (28/32cm)
    Nebelwerfer 42 (21cm)
    Nebelwerfer 42 (30cm)
    PaK 35/36
    PaK 38
    PaK 40
    PaK 43
    PaK 44
    sFH 13
    sFH 18
    sIG 33
    KMS Bismarck
    KMS Admiral Graf Spee
    KMS Admiral Hipper
    KMS Admiral Scheer
    KMS Deutschland / Lutzow
    KMS Diether von Roeder
    KMS Graf Zeppelin
    KMS Richard Beitzen
    KMS Scharnhorst
    KMS Tirpitz
    Schnellboot (S-Boot)
    SMS Schleswig-Holstein
    Type I U-Boat
    Type IX U-Boat
    Type VII U-Boat
    Type XXI U-Boat
    Type XXIII U-Boat
    Type XXVII (Seehund)
      Italy (Kingdom of)  

    Breda Ba.64
    Breda Ba.65
    Breda Ba.88
    CANT Z.501
    CANT Z.1007
    Caproni AP.1
    Caproni Ca.310
    Carponi-Campini N1
    Fiat Br.20
    Fiat Cr.32
    Fiat Cr.42
    Fiat G.50
    Fiat G.55
    Macchi C.200
    Macchi C.202
    Macchi C.205
    Piaggio P.108
    Reggiane Re.2000
    Reggiane Re.2001
    Reggiane Re.2002
    Reggiane Re.2005
    SAI-Ambrosini SS.4
    Savoia-Marchetti Sm.79
    Savoia-Marchetti Sm.81
    Savoia-Marchetti Sm.84
    Savoia-Marchetti Sm.92
    Autoblinda 41
    Carro Armato L3
    Carro Armato L6
    Carro Armato M11
    Carro Armato M13
    Carro Armato M14
    Carro Armato M15
    Carro Armato P40
    Fiat 3000
    Lancia Ansaldo IZ
    Semovente 149/40
    Semovente L.40
    Semovente 90/53
       SMALL ARMS  
    Beretta Model 1915
    Beretta Model 1918
    Beretta OVP M1918
    Beretta Model 1934
    Beretta Model 1935
    Beretta Model 38A
    Beretta Model 38-44
    Breda Model 30 LMG
    Breda Model 37 HMG
    Breda M1935 Grenade
    Brixia Mortar
    Carcano Model 1891
    Fiat Model 1914
    Fiat Model 1935
    FNAB M1943 SMG
    Giandoso Z45 SMG
    Model 1870 Vetterli
    Model 1889 Bodeo
    Model 1910 Glisenti
    Model 1935 Flame
    Mortaio 81/14 Mortar
    OTO M1935 Grenade
    SIA Model 1918 LMG
    SRCM M1935 Grenade
    Cannone da 47/32
    Cannone da 65/17
    Cannone da 75/27
    Obice da 75/18
    Obice da 210/22
    Ammiraglio Cagni
    Andrea Doria
    Caio Duilio
    Conte di Cavour
    Giulio Cesare
    Littorio / Italia
      Japan (Empire of)  

    Aichi B7A (Grace)
    Aichi B7A
    Aichi E13A (Jake)
    Aichi E16A (Paul)
    Aichi M6A Seiran
    Aichi S1A Denko
    Kawanishi Baika
    Kawanishi H6K (Mavis)
    Kawanishi H8K (Emily)
    Kawanishi J6K Jinpu
    Kawanishi K-200
    Kawanishi N1K1 (Rex)
    Kawanishi N1K-J (George)
    Kawasaki Ki-45 (Nick)
    Kawasaki Ki-45 KAIc
    Kawasaki Ki-48 (Lily)
    Kawasaki Ki-60
    Kawasaki Ki-61 (Tony)
    Kawasaki Ki-64 (Rob)
    Kawasaki Ki-88
    Kawasaki Ki-91
    Kawasaki Ki-96
    Kawasaki Ki-100
    Kawasaki Ki-102 (Randy)
    Kawasaki Ki-108
    Kayaba Katsuodori
    Kyushu J7W Shinden
    Kyushu K11W Shiragiku
    Kyushu Q1W Tokai
    Manysu Ki-98
    Mitsubishi A5M (Claude)
    Mitsubishi A6M (Zero)
    Mitsubishi A7M (Sam)
    Mitsubishi F1M (Pete)
    Mitsubishi G3M (Nell)
    Mitsubishi G4M (Betty)
    Mitsubishi J2M (Jack)
    Mitsubishi J8M Shusui
    Mitsubishi Ki-15 (Babs)
    Mitsubishi Ki-21 (Sally)
    Mitsubishi Ki-30 (Ann)
    Mitsubishi Ki-46 (Dinah)
    Mitsubishi Ki-51 (Sonia)
    Mitsubishi Ki-67 (Peggy)
    Mitsubishi Ki-73 (Steve)
    Mitsubishi Ki-83
    Mitsubishi Ki-109
    Mitsubishi Q2M Taiyo
    Nakajima A6M-2 (Rufe)
    Nakajima B5N (Kate)
    Nakajima B6N (Jill)
    Nakajima G8N (Rita)
    Nakajima G10N Fugaku
    Nakajima J1N1 (Irving)
    Nakajima J5N Tenrai
    Nakajima J9Y Kikka
    Nakajima Ki-27 (Nate)
    Nakajima Ki-43 (Oscar)
    Nakajima Ki-44 (Tojo)
    Nakajima Ki-49 (Helen)
    Nakajima Ki-84 (Frank)
    Nakajima Ki-87
    Nakajima Ki-115 Tsurugi
    Nakajima Ki-201 Karyu
    Rikugun Ki-93
    Rikugun Ki-202
    Tachikawa Ki-9
    Tachikawa Ki-70 (Clara)
    Tachikawa Ki-74 (Pat)
    Tachikawa Ki-77
    Tachikawa Ki-94
    Tachikawa Ki-106 (Ki-84)
    Yokosuka D4Y (Judy)
    Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka
    Type 1 Chi-He
    Type 2 Ka-Mi
    Type 3 Ka-Chi
    Type 3 Chi-Nu
    Type 4 Chi-To
    Type 4 Ho-Ro
    Type 5 Chi-Ri
    Type 89 Chi-Ro
    Type 91 Sumida
    Type 92 Chiyoda
    Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha
    Type 93 Kokusan
    Type 95 Ha-Go
    Type 95 Car
    Type 95 Chi-Ha
    Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha
    Type 97 Te-Ke
    Type 98 Ko-Hi
    Type 120 O-I
       SMALL ARMS  
    Arisaka Type 38
    Arisaka Type 44
    Arisaka Type 99
    Type 2 Rifle Grenade
    Type 10 Discharger
    Type 11 LMG
    Type 14 (Nambu)
    Type 26 (Meiji)
    Type 89 Discharger
    Type 92 HMG
    Type 93/100 Flame
    Type 94 (Nambu)
    Type 94 90mm
    Type 96 LMG
    Type 97 ATR
    Type 97 Grenade
    Type 97 81mm
    Type 97 90mm
    Type 98 50mm
    Type 99 LMG
    Type 99 Grenade
    Type 99 81mm
    Type 100 SMG
    Type 1
    Type 38
    Type 90
    Type 91
    Type 92
    IJN Akagi
    IJN Asahi
    IJN Fuso
    IJN Ha-201
    IJN Haruna
    IJN Heie
    IJN Hiryu
    IJN Isokaze
    IJN Kaga
    IJN Kirishima
    IJN Kongo
    IJN Mogami
    IJN Ryujo
    IJN Shinano
    IJN Shokaku
    IJN Soryu
    IJN Taiho
    IJN Takao
    IJN Yamato
    IJN Zuiho
    IJN Zuikaku
    Kaiten Midget Submarine
    No.1 Landing Ship
    RO-100 (Kaisho)

    C1934 LMG
    Model 45 LMG
      South Africa  

      Soviet Union  

    Berezniak-Isayev BI
    Beriev Be-2
    Ilyushin Il-1
    Ilyushin Il-2 (Strumovik)
    Ilyushin Il-4
    Lavochkin La-5
    Lavochkin La-7
    Lavochkin LaGG-3
    MiG DIS
    MiG-1 / MiG-3
    MiG-9 Fargo
    Petlyakov Pe-2
    Petlyakov Pe-3
    Petlyakov Pe-8
    Petlyakov VI-100
    Polikarpov I-15
    Polikarpov I-16
    Polikarpov Po-2
    Polikarpov TIS
    Sukhoi Su-1 / Su-3
    Sukhoi Su-2
    Tupolev SB-2
    Tupolev TB-3
    Tupolev Tu-2 Bat
    Yakovlev Yak-1
    Yakovlev Yak-3
    Yakovlev Yak-7
    Yakovlev Yak-9
    BA-10 / BA-32
    BM Katyusha
    BT-2 Fast Tank
    BT-5 Fast Tank
    BT-7 Fast Tank
    IS-1 Josef Stalin
    IS-2 Josef Stalin
    IS-3 Josef Stalin
    Odessa Tank
    MBV-2 Train
    PL-37 Wagon
       SMALL ARMS  
    Degtyarov DP
    Degtyarov DPM
    Degtyarov DT
    Degtyarov PTRD
    DShK HMG
    F1 Grenade
    Fedorov M1916
    Goryunov SG-43
    M1937 82mm Mortar
    M1938 50mm Mortar
    M1938 120mm Mortar
    M1940 50mm Mortar
    M1941 82mm Mortar
    M1943 120mm Mortar
    Mosin-Nagant M1891
    Nagant M1895
    PM M1910 HMG
    PPSh SMG
    ROKS Flamethrower
    RPG-6 AT Grenade
    RPG-40 AT Grenade
    RPG-43 AT Grenade
    Simonov PTRS
    Simonov SKS
    Tokarev SVT-38
    Tokarev SVT-40
    Tokarev TT-30
    Tokarev TT-33
    M1931 203mm SPH
    M1933 100mm
    M1937 AT
    M1937 152mm
    M1939 37mm AAA
    M1939 85mm AAA
    M1939 76mm
    M1940 AAA
    M1940 AT
    M1943 152mm
    M1943 160mm Mortar
    M1944 AAA
    ZiS-2 57mm AT
    ZiS-3 76mm
      United Kingdom  

    Airspeed Horsa
    Airspeed Oxford
    AW Albemarle
    AW Ensign
    AW Siskin
    AW Whitley
    Avro Tutor
    Avro Anson
    Avro Lancaster
    Avro Manchester
    Avro York
    Blackburn Baffin
    Blackburn Ripon
    Boulton Paul Defiant
    Bristol Beaufighter
    Bristol Beaufort
    Bristol Blenheim
    Bristol Buckingham
    Curtiss Tomahawk
    de Havilland Hornet
    de Havilland Tiger Moth
    de Havilland Albatross
    de Havilland Mosquito
    Fairey Albacore
    Fairey Barracuda
    Fairey Battle
    Fairey Firefly
    Fairey Fulmar
    Fairey Seafox
    Fairey Spearfish
    Fairey Swordfish
    General Aircraft Hamilcar
    Gloster Meteor
    Gloster E.28/39
    Gloster Gauntlet
    Gloster Gladiator
    Grumman Martlet
    Handley Page Halifax
    Handley Page Hampden
    Handley Page Heyford
    Hawker Fury
    Hawker Hurricane
    Hawker Sea Fury
    Hawker Sea Hurricane
    Hawker Tempest
    Hawker Tornado
    Hawker Typhoon
    Martin-Baker MB.2
    Martin-Baker MB.3
    Martin-Baker MB.5
    Miles M.20
    Miles Libellula
    SARO London
    SARO Lerwick
    Short Sunderland
    Short Stirling
    Supermarine B.12/36
    Supermarine Seafang
    Supermarine Seafire
    Supermarine Spiteful
    Supermarine Spitfire
    Supermarine Stranraer
    Supermarine Walrus
    Vickers Type 432
    Vickers Warwick
    Vickers Wellesley
    Vickers Wellington
    Vickers Windsor
    Westland Lysander
    Westland Welkin
    Westland Whirlwind
    AEC Armored Car
    AEC Matador
    BREN Gun Carrier
    Canal Defence Light
    Carden-Loyd Tankette
    Churchill AVRE
    Churchill Black Prince
    Churchill Crocodile
    Coventry Armored Car
    Crossley Armored Car
    Cruiser Tank Mk I
    Cruiser Tank Mk II
    Cruiser Tank Mk III
    Cruiser Tank Mk IV
    Daimler Armored Car
    Daimler Scout Car
    Guy Armored Car
    Humber Armored Car
    Humber Scout Car
    Lanchester Armored Car
    Matilda I
    Matilda II
    Peerless Armored Car
    Rolls-Royce Armored Car
    Sherman Crab
    Sherman DD
    Sherman Firefly
    TOG 1
    TOG 2
    Vickers 6-Ton
    Vickers Commercial
    Vickers Medium Mk II
    Vickers Mk VI
    Vickers Tetrarch
       SMALL ARMS  
    Bangalore Torpedo
    Boys ATR
    Browning .303
    De Lisle Carbine
    Enfield No.2
    Gammon Bomb
    Lanchester SMG
    Lee-Enfield (series)
    Lee-Enfield Jungle
    Life Buoy Flamethrower
    Mills Bomb
    No.68 AT Grenade
    No.73 AT Grenade
    Northover Projector
    Ordnance ML 2"
    Ordnance ML 3"
    Ordnance ML 4.2"
    Ordnance RCL 3.45"
    Sterling SMG
    Stokes Mortar
    Vickers K
    Vickers MG
    Vickers-Berthier LMG
    Webley Model 1887
    Welrod Pistol
    6" 26 cwt
    Land Matress
    Ordnance BL 4.5"
    Ordnance BL 5.5"
    Ordnance BL 9.2"
    Ordnance BL 12"
    Ordnance BL 12"
    Ordnance BL 60-pdr
    Ordnance QF 2-pdr
    Ordnance QF 6-pdr
    Ordnance QF 17-pdr
    Ordnance QF 18-pdr
    Ordnance QF 25-pdr
    Ordnance QF 95mm Mk II
    HMS Ajax (22)
    HMS Argus (I49)
    HMS Ark Royal (91)
    HMS Ark Royal / Pegasus
    HMS Audacity (D10)
    HMS Barham (04)
    HMS Belfast (C35)
    HMS Cornwall (56)
    HMS Dido (37)
    HMS Dragon (D46)
    HMS Duke of York (17)
    HMS Eagle
    HMS Exeter (68)
      United States  

    American Aircraft in WW2

    Beech AT-10 Wichita
    Beech C-45 Expeditor
    Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly
    Bell P-39 Airacobra
    Bell P-59 Airacomet
    Bell P-63 Kingcobra
    Bell XP-83
    Bell XFL Airabonita
    Bell XFM-1 Airacuda
    Bell XP-77
    Bell XP-83
    Boeing 307 (Stratoliner)
    Boeing 314 Clipper (C-98)
    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
    Boeing B-29 Superfortress
    Boeing F4B / P-12
    Boeing P-26 Peashooter
    Boeing XAT-15 (Crewmaker)
    Boeing XB-15 Grandpappy
    Boeing XF8B
    Boeing-Stearman PT-17 Kaydet
    Brewster F2A Buffalo
    Brewster SB2A Buccaneer
    Brewster XA-32
    Brewster XSBA-1 / SBN-1
    Consolidated B-24 Liberator
    Consolidated B-32 Dominator
    Consolidated PB2Y Coronado
    Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
    Consolidated PBY Catalina
    Consolidated Vultee TBY Sea Wolf
    Curtiss-Wright C-46 Commando
    Curtiss A-12 (Shrike)
    Curtiss A-18 Shrike
    Curtiss P-6 Hawk
    Curtiss P-36 Hawk
    Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
    Curtiss SB2C Helldiver
    Curtiss SBC Helldiver
    Curtiss SC Seahawk
    Curtiss SO3C Seamew
    Curtiss XP-42
    Curtiss SC Seahawk
    Curtiss SO3C Seamew
    Curtiss SOC Seagull
    Curtiss XF14C
    Curtiss XP-42
    Curtiss XP-46
    Curtiss XP-60
    Curtiss XP-62
    Curtiss-Wright C-46 Commando
    Curtiss-Wright CW-21 Demon
    Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender
    Curtiss-Wright XP-71
    Douglas A-20 Havoc / Boston
    Douglas A-24 Banshee
    Douglas A-26 / B-26 Invader
    Douglas B-18 Bolo
    Douglas BTD Destroyer
    Douglas C-47 Skytrain / Dakota
    Douglas C-54 Skymaster
    Douglas C-74 Globemaster
    Douglas DC-2
    Douglas DC-3
    Douglas P-70 Nighthawk
    Douglas SBD Dauntless
    Douglas TBD Devastator
    Douglas XB-19
    Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster
    Douglas XTB2D Skypirate
    Fisher XP-75/P-75 Eagle
    Ford Trimotor
    General Aircraft Hamilcar
    Goodyear F2G Super Corsair
    Grumman F3F
    Grumman F4F Wildcat
    Grumman F6F Hellcat
    Grumman F8F Bearcat
    Grumman G-21 Goose
    Grumman Hu-16 Albatross
    Grumman J2F Duck
    Grumman TBF Avenger
    Grumman XP-50 Skyrocket
    Hughes H-4 Hercules
    Hughes Model D-2
    Hughes XR-11/XF-11
    Kaiser-Fleetwings XBTK
    Lockheed C-69 Constellation
    Lockheed L-133 Starjet
    Lockheed P-38 Lightning
    Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star
    Lockheed PV Ventura / Harpoon
    Lockheed XP-49
    Lockheed XP-58 Chain Lightning
    Martin AM Mauler
    Martin B-26 Marauder
    Martin Baltimore
    Martin JRM Mars
    Martin PBM-3/PBM-5 Mariner
    Martin Maryland (A-22)
    McDonnell XP-67 Bat / Moonbat
    North American A-36 Apache
    North American B-25 Mitchell
    North American P-51 Mustang
    North American T-6 Texan
    North American XB-28 Dragon
    Northrop N-1M
    Northrop N-3PB Nomad
    Northrop N-9M
    Northrop P-61 Black Widow
    Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet
    Northrop XP-79
    Northrop XB/YB-35
    Piper L-4 Grasshopper
    Radioplane OQ-2A
    Republic P-43 Lancer
    Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
    Republic XF-12 Rainbow
    Republic XP-72 Super Thunderbolt
    Ryan FR Fireball
    Seversky P-35
    Sikorsky R-4
    Sikorsky S-43
    Stinson L-1 Vigilant
    Stinson L-5 Sentinel
    Sinton Reliant
    Tucker XP-57 (Peashooter)
    Vought F4U Corsair
    Vought OS2U Kingfisher
    Vought SB2U Vindicator
    Vought V-173 Flying Pancake
    Vought XF5U Flying Flapjack
    Vultee A-35 Vengeance
    Vultee BT-13 Valiant
    Vultee P-66 Vanguard
    Vultee XA-41
    Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose
    Vultee XP-81
    Waco CG-4 (Hadrian)

    American Armored Vehicles in WW2

    Cushman Model 53
    Dodge G505 1/2 ton
    Dodge WC54 3/4 ton
    Ford GP / GPW
    Ford GTB (Burma JEEP)
    FWD Model B
    GMC DUKW (Duck)
    Harley Davidson WLA
    LVT Alligator / Buffalo
    M1 Light Tank
    M10 Wolverine
    M12 Gun Motor Carriage
    M18 Hellcat
    M19 Twin 40mm
    M2 Light Tank
    M2 Medium Tank
    M2 Half-Track
    M16 Gun Motor Carriage
    M22 Locust
    M24 Chaffee
    M26 Pershing
    M3 GMC Half-Track
    M3 Half-Track
    M3 Stuart
    M3 Lee/Grant
    M3 White Armored Car
    M3 Half-track
    M36 (Jackson/Slugger)
    M37 Gun Motor Carriage
    M38 Wolfhound
    M40 Gun Motor Carriage
    M45 Quadmount (Maxson)
    M4 Sherman
    M5 Stuart
    M6 Heavy Tank
    M7 SPG (Priest)
    M8 Greyhound
    M8 Scott HMC
    M20 (G-176)
    M29 (Weasel)
    M9 Half-Track
    Sherman Calliope (T34)
    Sherman DD
    Sherman Jumbo
    Studebaker US6
    T14 Assault Tank
    T16 GMC SPAA Half-Track
    T17 Deerhound
    T17E1 Staghound
    T18 Boarhound
    T19 HMC Half-Track
    T20 Medium Tank
    T28 Super Heavy Tank
    T29 Heavy Tank
    T30 Heavy Tank
    T92 Howitzer Motor Carriage
    Willys MB JEEP

     Small Arms 
    American Small Arms in WW2

    Browning M1917 MG
    Browning M1918 (BAR)
    Browning M1919 MG
    Browning M2 (.50) HMG
    Colt M1911 Pistol
    Colt M1903 Pocket Hammerless
    Enfield Rifle
    Ithaca M37 Featherlight
    Johnson Model 1941
    Johnson Model 1941 LMG
    Lahti L-39
    Lebel M1886
    Lewis Machine Gun
    M1 Carbine
    M1 Garand
    M1/M1A1 Flamethrower
    M1 (Bazooka)
    M1 Thompson
    M17 Rifle Grenade
    M1917 Enfield (American Enfield)
    M2 Flamethrower
    M3 (Grease Gun)
    M3A1 Suppressed
    M9 HEAT Rifle Grenade
    Mk 2 (Pineapple)
    Marlin Model 1917/1918
    Marlin Model 1894
    Reising Model 50 SMG
    Remington Model 10
    Remington Model 11
    Savage Arms M720
    Smith & Wesson M10
    Smith & Wesson M1917
    Smith & Wesson Triple Lock
    Springfield M1903
    Stevens M520
    Stevens M620
    • Stevens Model .22 / .410 Combo
    United Defense UD42
    Winchester Model 1897
    Winchester Model 1912
    • Winchester M69 Rifle
    • Winchester M94 Rifle

    American Warships in WW2

    ELCO Torpedo Boat
    Higgins Boat LCVP
    Huckins PT Boat
    Landing Craft, Infantry (Large) (LCI(L))
    Landing Ship, Tank Mk II (LST(2))
    SS John W. Brown (B4611)
    USCGC Eagle (WIX-327)
    USS Alabama (BB-60)
    USS Alamance (AKA-75)
    USS Appalachian (AGC 1)
    USS Arizona (BB-39)
    USS Arkansas (BB-33)
    USS Attu (CVE 102)
    USS Balao (SS-285)
    USS Bali (ID-2483)
    USS Bluefish (SS-222)
    USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31)
    USS Bowfin (SS-287)
    USS Cabot (CVL-28)
    USS California (BB-44)
    USS Canberra (CA-70)
    USS Clamagore (SS-343)
    USS Cowpens (CVL-25)
    USS Dixmude (A-609)
    USS Downes (DD-375)
    USS Drum (SS-228)
    USS Enterprise (CV 6)
    USS Essex (CV-9)
    USS Fall River (CA-131)
    USS Fletcher (DD-445)
    USS Franklin (CV-13)
    USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42)
    USS Gato (SS-212)
    USS Grunion (SS-216)
    USS Guadalcanal (CVE-60)
    USS Harris (APA-2)
    USS Hornet (CV-12)
    USS Hornet (CV-8)
    USS Independence (CVL-22)
    USS Indianapolis (CA-35)
    USS Intrepid (CV-11)
    USS Iowa (BB 61)
    USS John C. Butler (DE-339)
    USS John D. Ford (DD-228)
    USS Kalinini Bay (CVE-68)
    USS Laffey (DD-724)
    USS Langley (CV-1/AV-3)
    USS Langley (CVL-27)
    USS Lapwing (AM-1)
    USS Lexington (CV-2)
    USS Ling (SS-297)
    USS Lionfish (SS-298)
    USS Liscome Bay (CVE-56)
    USS Maryland (BB-46)
    USS Massachusetts (BB-59)
    USS Mineapolis (CA-36)
    USS Missouri (BB-63)
    USS Montana (BB-67)
    USS Nevada (BB-36)
    USS New Jersey (BB-62)
    USS New Mexico (BB-40)
    USS New York (BB-34)
    USS North Carolina (BB-55)
    USS Oklahoma (BB-37)
    USS Pennsylvania (BB-38)
    USS Phoenix (CL-46)
    USS Pilsbury (DE-133)
    USS Piranha (SS-389)
    USS Porpoise (SS-172)
    USS Ranger (CV-4)
    USS Saint Lo (CVE-63)
    USS Salmon (SS-182)
    USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413)
    USS San Diego (CL-53/CLAA-53)
    USS San Jacinto (CVL-30)
    USS Saratoga (CV-3)
    USS Shamrock Bay (CVE-84)
    USS Serpens (AK-97)
    USS South Dakota (BB-57)
    USS Tennesee (BB-43)
    USS Texas (BB-35)
    USS Wahoo (SS-238)
    USS Washington (BB-56)
    USS Wasp (CV-7)
    USS Wisconsin (BB-64)
    USS Wrangell (AE-12)
    USS Yorktown (CV-10)
    USS Yorktown (CV-5)

      Yugoslavia (Kingdom of)