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Fabrique Nationale FN P90 Submachine Gun (1994)

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The FN P90 submachine gun is designed with the auxiliary military unit in mind.

The FN P90 is billed as a 'personal defense weapon' and is thusly classified as a submachine gun and not an assault rifle. The FN P90 was originally intended to arm auxiliary units (drivers, messengers, clerk-type elements) with a potent man-stopping weapon for pure self-defense in their day-to-day battlefield roles. The design of the P90 is of a "bullpup" configuration (generally indicating that the pistol grip is forwards of the ammunition magazine) with an oversized stock, integrated ergonomic pistol grip and distinct layout. The weapon is ideal for secondary and security units thanks to its minimal size.

The FN P90 features a translucent, swiveling ammunition magazine case made of polycarbonate and is mounted over the top of the weapon (the individual cartridges rest at 90 degree angles to the main system receiver - each round is positioned automatically before chambering). Ejection of spent shell casings is downwards out of the pistol grip. The cocking handle is accessible from both sides of the weapon system, allowing for ambidextrous use with no modification. The barrel is of forged steel and features a flash suppressor. The P90 is made up mostly of alloy and polymer material.

The FN P90 is also engineered to fire the specialized 5.7x28mm round, which is held as an acceptably impressive man-stopping round. The pistol grip, optical sight (for low light or daylight) and trigger guard are all built into the base design and the overall system can be field striped into four major components (comparatively, the PS 90 breaks down to about 6 major components). The oversized stock also assists the operator with improved stability when firing from the shoulder. Low recoil is reported.

A silencer is optional and can be coupled with subsonic ammunition. Firing modes consist of single shot and full automatic fire. The TR rail system can be applied for adapting a variety of telescopic configurations. Laser target designators can also be integrated.

The P90 is used in various forms the world over, appearing in military, security and civilian sporting forms. The P90 was designed by Stephane Ferrard in 1986 and entered production in 1993 with Fabrique Nationale de Herstal.

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Specifications for the
Fabrique Nationale FN P90
Submachine Gun

Country of Origin: Belgium
Manufacturer: Fabrique Nationale Herstal - Belgium
Initial Year of Service: 1994

Overall Length: 500mm (19.69in)
Barrel Length: 0.00mm (0.00in)
Weight (Empty): 5.60lbs (2.54kg)

Caliber: 5.7x28mm
Action: Straight Blowback, Closed-Bolt
Feed: 50-Round Detachable Box Magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 715ft/sec (218m/sec)
Rate-of-Fire: 900 rounds per minute
Range: 656ft (200m; 219yds)

P90 - Base Model Designation

P90 TR - MIL-STD-1913 rail system interface.

P90 USG - Different optic system; aluminum sight.

P90 LV - Integrated Laser Sight

P0 LIR - Integrated Infrared Sight

PS90 - Civilian Market Model with semi-automatic fire.

PS90 TR ("Triple Rail") - Different receiver assembly; no back-up iron sights; Picatinny rail.

PS90 USG - Semi-Automatic Model; unmagnified sight.

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