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    Johnson Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol (1836)

    Picture of Johnson Model 1836

    Johnson Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol (1836)

    The Johnson Model 1836 was sold to the US government by way of contract for nine dollars a pistol.

    Staff Writer (Updated: 7/6/2010):

    The Johnson Model 1836 was a high-quality flintlock pistol produced for the US government in a batch of 3,000 examples. The pistols were sold for nine dollars a system and proved to be one of the last flintlock-based pistols to be purchased by the US.

    Design of this flintlock pistol proved conventional for the time, with a metal barrel set within a wooden frame. The pistol grip was integrated into the rear of the body and capped by metal. The firing action was external and set to the right side of the body (containing the cock-lever, frizzen stem and flash pan). The barrel was banded once along the forward portion of the body and a ramrod was set underneath the cylindrical and smooth barrel. The caliber was .45 with the barrel measuring in at 8.5 inches in length.

    Robert Johnson was responsible for the Model 1836 and production centered out of Middletown, Connecticut.


    Johnson Model 1836
    Type: Flintlock Pistol
    Country of Origin: United States [ VIEW ]
    Manufacturer: Robert Johnson - USA [ VIEW ]
    Initial Year of Service: 1836


    United States


    Overall Length: 0 mm (0.00 inches)
    Barrel Length: 215 mm (8.46 inches)
    Weight (Empty): 0.00 lb (0.00 kg)

    Caliber*: .54
    Action: Flintlock
    Feed: Single-Shot


    Sights: Iron Sight

    * Listed caliber(s) for firearms may be model dependent if more than one model type/chambering was produced. Always consult official manufacturer's information or a licensed dealer.


    Model 1836

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