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Warships, Submarines, and Watercraft of the World

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 3/12/2015

The second oldest battlefield of the world continues to evolve - now including stealth technology, unlimited range and advanced processing systems.


Since the early days of sea-faring, the warship has maintained a presence on the battlefield. No more was this apparent than in the great battles fought throughout the "Age of Sail" between the various naval powers of Europe. With the arrival of the ironclad, the steel-clad warship followed, culminating in the battleship. Succeeding them were the aircraft carrier and submarine, which own the waters today.

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Aircraft Carriers
Aircraft Carriers
The current symbol of naval power on the high seas.
The most-feared ocean-going vessel today.
Steel-clad kings of the sea from a bygone era.
Amphibious Assault Vessels
Amphibious Assault
Supporting offshore assault through specialized design.
Amphibious Naval Vessels
Amphibious Vessels
By land or sea, these watercraft care not where they tread.
Naval Cruiser Warships
Multi-role vessels finding less use today.
Navy Destroyers
Combined speed and firepower in support of the fleet.
Naval Frigate Warships
The general-purpose ship since the Age of Sail.
Naval Corvette Warships
A more compact footprint, yet no less lethal.
Mine Warfare Naval Vessels
Mine Warfare
Critical surface vessels in any war environment.
Naval Patrol watercraft
Patrol Craft
Agility and speed for protection of offshore interests.
Special Forces Watercraft
Special Forces
Because special people require special tools.
Age of Sail Warships
Age of Sail
The Tall Ship reigned for hundreds of years.
Ironclad Warships
After the age of sail, preceding the era of steel.
Naval Cargo Ships
Cargo Ships
Charged with handling the logistical side of things.