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  • Cruiser Tank Comet (A34) Cruiser Tank

    The Comet Cruiser Tank became one of the more important British-originated tank developments before the end of World War 2.

     Updated: 4/27/2017; Authored By Staff Writer; Content ¬©www.MilitaryFactory.com

    The Comet Cruiser tank was Britain's most powerful combat tank system of World War 2. It arrived in the latter phases of the conflict and extensive crew training delayed her overall tactical impact in the war but she proved a reliable mount and her crews likened her for the available protection and inherent speed. Eventually, the series would be replaced by more modern tank systems in the British Army inventory. The Comet became the last of the British infantry-minded "Cruiser" tanks before all thought shifted to "Main Battle Tanks" during the upcoming Cold War.

    The Comet Cruiser design emerged from a 1941 British Army requirement seeking a new tank system with enough armor to survive the dangers of the modern battlefield and enough firepower to effectively engage any German tank then known. British actions across North Africa showcased a shortfall of capable British Army tanks to the point that much reliance was placed on the Lend-Lease American M3 Lee/Grant and M4 Sherman medium tanks. British tank design philosophy, at least up to this point in mechanized history, still relied heavily on speed over armor protection and firepower. The evolution of the Cromwell medium tank served to help thin the gap between British and German tank designs, at least for the interim.

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    Cruiser Tank Comet (A34) Technical Specifications

    Service Year: 1944
    Type: Cruiser Tank
    National Origin: United Kingdom
    Manufacturer(s): Leyland Motors Ltd - UK
    Production: 1,186

    Design (Crew Space, Dimensions, Weight, and Systems)

    Operating Crew: 5
    Length: 25.13 feet (7.66 meters)
    Height: 8.79 feet (2.68 meters)

    Operating Weight: 34 tons (31,000 kg; 68,343 lb)

    Nuclear / Biological / Chemical Protection: None
    Nightvision Equipment: None

    Installed Power and Standard Road Performance

    Engine(s): 1 x Rolls Royce Meteor Mark III V-12 engine developing 600 horsepower.

    Maximum Road Speed: 32 mph (51.5 km/h)
    Maximum Road Range: 123 miles (198 km)

    Armament and Ammunition

    1 x 77mm mark II L/49 Main Gun
    1 x 7.92mm BESA General Purpose Machine Gun in coaxial mounting.
    1 x 7.92mm BESA General Purpose Machine Gun in bow position.

    61 x 77mm projectiles
    5,175 x 7.92mm ammunition

    Global Operators / Customers

    Finland; Ireland; Myanmar; South Africa; United Kingdom

    Model Variants

    Comet Mk I - Base Series Designation