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    BTR-90 8x8 Armored Personnel Carrier (1995)

    Picture of BTR-90

    BTR-90 8x8 Armored Personnel Carrier (1995)

    The latest BTR-90 is a very off-road capable machine.

    Staff Writer (Updated: 11/30/2010):

    The BTR-90 represents a further development of the BTR series of 8x8 armored personnel carriers that include the BTR-60, BTR-70 and BTR-80. Increased armor protection and internal spacing, along with a more powerful turret improve the highly mobile system as a whole. As with all later models of previous BTR's, the BTR-90 is fully amphibious and utilizes power steering on only the first four set of road wheels (the two forward pairs of wheels).


    Type: 8x8 Armored Personnel Carrier
    Country of Origin: Russia
    Manufacturer: Arzamas Machinery Construction Plant, Russia
    Initial Year of Service: 1995
    Production Total: 0




    Crew: 3+7
    Overall Length: 25.07 feet (7.64 meters)
    Width: 10.50 feet (3.20 meters)
    Height: 9.78 feet (2.98 meters)
    Weight: 23.1 US Short Tons (20,920 kg; 46,121 lb)


    Maximum Speed: 62 mph (100 km/h)
    Maximum Range: 497 miles (800 km)


    Powerplant: 1 x turbo-charged multi-fuel engine with an output of 510hp.


    1 x 30mm main gun
    1 x 7.62mm coaxial machine gun
    1 x AT-5 Spandrel ATGW missile launcher
    1 x 30mm grenade launcher
    6 x smoke grenade dischargers

    500 x 30mm ammunition
    2,000 x 7.62mm ammunition
    4 x Spandrel ATGW anti-tank missiles
    400 x 30mm grenades

    NBC Protection = Yes
    Nightvision = Yes


    BTR-90 - Prototype fitted with 100mm main gun in place of the 30mm grenade launcher and AT-5 Spandrel missile system.

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