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  • Arado Ar E.581.4 Proposed Single-Seat Jet-Powered Fighter

    The proposed Arado E.581.4 fighter featured a single turbojet engine with a split air intake mounted in the lower fuselage.

     Updated: 5/26/2016; Authored By Staff Writer; Content ¬©www.MilitaryFactory.com

    The Arado Ar E.581.4 was a proposed single-seat, jet-powered fighter design put forth by the Arado concern (best known for its jet-powered Ar 234 bomber). The fighter would have utilized a large-area, delta-wing planform, a single turbojet engine installation, and a wheeled tricycle landing gear. The fuselage was to be very deep in its shape with circular intakes at front to aspirate the turbojet within. The cockpit was set along the dorsal side of the wing element with the fuselage and wings contoured in such a way as to appear a single complete area.

    While appearing as a true flying wing, the aircraft was to use vertical surfaces at the trailing edges, the fins set far to either side of the jetpipe. It was classified more appropriately as a "high-wing, tailless delta". Reported dimensions included a wingspan of up to 29.3 feet with a length of 18.4 feet. All other measurements were unknown.

    While the position of the cockpit would have afforded the pilot excellent vision forward, up, and to the sides of the aircraft, it would have mightily restricted downward viewing due to the large wing surface area.

    Its proposed powerplant was to be a single HeS 011 series turbojet engine of 2,866lbs thrust. Since the aircraft never flew, no performance specifications were made available or could only be estimated.

    Proposed armament consisted of a pair of Mk 108 30mm cannons mounted at either wing root.

    The Arado Ar E.581.4 was not furthered beyond its paper stage.

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    Arado Ar E.581.4 Technical Specifications

    Service Year: 1944
    Type: Proposed Single-Seat Jet-Powered Fighter
    National Origin: Nazi Germany
    Manufacturer(s): Arado Flugzeugwerke - Germany
    Production Total: 0

    Structural (Crew Space, Dimensions and Weights)

    Operating Crew: 1

    Installed Power and Standard Day Performance

    Engine(s): 1 x HeS 011 turbojet engine developing 2,866 lb of thrust.

    Maximum Speed: 531 mph (854 kph; 461 knots)

    Armament / Mission Payload

    2 x MK 108 30mm cannons in wings

    Global Operators / Customers

    Nazi Germany

    Model Variants (Including Prototypes)

    E.581.4 - Base Developmental Series Designation