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Accuracy International L96

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle System

United Kingdom | 1982

"The Accuracy International L96 is the standard sniper rifle of the British Army and has seen adoption with other forces worldwide."

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The L96A1 is an Accuracy International-produced sniper rifle and currently the sniper rifle of choice for the British Army. The L96 features an adjustable butt, integrated adjustable bipod and static iron sights (though a 6x42 Schmidt & Bender scope was issued standard in original production models). The L96 originally competed successfully against the Parker-Hale Model 85 rifle in the mid-1980's to become the standard British Army sniper rifle, replacing the aged Lee-Enfield L42A1 series. The engineering process incorporated light alloys, plastic and metal into the design. This melding allowed for greater field abuse (the weapon could take a good deal of external punishment but still keep the internal components in good working order).

Designed to achieve first-round hit at 600 meters and "harassing fire" out to 1,100 total meters, the Accuracy International L96 sniper rifle has been upgraded with a new x3-x12 x50 sight and spotting scope. Select units also field the L115A1 Long range Rifle (LRR), which fires an 8.59mm bullet, heavier than the 7.62mm round of the L96 and less likely to be deflected over extremely long ranges. The L96A1's free-floating barrel is constructed of stainless steel and can be changed in 5 minutes. The system itself is designed to allow the single user the ability to carry out all but the most major repairs by himself in the field with the necessary tools being three Allen wrenches and a screwdriver.

The L96A1 is chambered to fire the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge from a 10-round detachable box magazine. An adjustable bipod is fitted forward under the barrel. The weapon features a muzzle velocity of 2,790 feet per second. The L96A1 can also be issued with a variety of scope mounts, collapsible stock and silencer and is available on the commercial market. A military .50 caliber (12.7mm) model is also available.

The L96 is part of the larger Accuracy International "Arctic Warfare" line of rifles for use by military, special forces and law enforcement branches. The L96A1 is the British Army designation of the Accuracy International PM ("Precision Marksman") model entered into competition to become the standard British sniper rifle.

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The physical qualities of the Accuracy International L96. Information presented is strictly for general reference and should not be misconstrued as useful for hardware restoration or operation.
1,124 mm
44.25 in
O/A Length
655 mm
25.79 in
Barrel Length
14.33 lb
6.50 kg
Turn-bolt Manually-Actuated Bolt-Action System
7.62x51mm NATO; .308 Winchester; .300 Winchester Magnum; .338 Lapua Magnum
5- or 10-Round Detachable Box Magazine
Fixed; 6x42 Schmidt & Bender Telescope.
Performance specifications presented assume optimal operating conditions for the Accuracy International L96. Information presented is strictly for general reference and should not be misconstrued as useful for hardware restoration or operation.
3,608 ft
1,099.7 m | 1,202.7 yds
2,790 ft/sec
850 m/sec
Muzzle Velocity
Notable series variants as part of the Accuracy International L96 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle System family line.
PM "Precision Marksman" - Accuracy International Naming Convention for British Army rifle competition.
AW "Arctic Warfare" - Upgraded PM model; special cold weather de-icing featured; 7.62x51mm NATO and 5.56x45mm NATO forms.
AWF "Arctic Warfare Folding" - Side-folding stock of polymer.
AWP "Arctic Warfare Police" - Improved "Arctic Warfare" Model for use by law enforcement.
AWS "Arctic Warfare Suppressed" - Compatibility with subsonic ammunition.
AWC "Arctic Warfare Covert" - AWS model with folding stock; Delta Force and SAS use.
AWM "Arctic Warfare Magnum" - Chambered for 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum cartridges.
AWSM "Arctic Warfare Super Magnum" - Chambered for .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge.
AW50 "Arctic Warfare .50 Caliber" - Based on AW; chambered for .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO ammunition.
AW50F - Based on AW50; Australian designation; folding stock; Madco barrel.
AS50 "Arctic Semi-Automatic .50 Caliber" - US Navy Seal use.
AE "Accuracy Enforcement" - Less Expensive Law Enforcement Model; 7.62x51 NATO; 610mm barrel.
AICS "Accuracy International Chassis System" 1.0 - Fixed cheek-piece.
AICS "Accuracy International Chassis System" 1.5 - Adjustable cheek-piece.
AICS "Accuracy International Chassis System" 2.0 - Folding stock; 210mm barrel length; adjustable cheek-piece.
L96A1 - British Army Designation of PM model
L115A1 - British Designation of AWSM; .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge.
L115A3 - "Improved" L115A1 model.
L118A1 - British Army Designation of AWP model; 3-12x50 PM II Schmidt & Bender telescopic sights.
Psg 90 - Swedish Designation of AW model; Hensoldt (Zeiss) scope; sabot round capability.
G22 - Germany Army Designation of AWM; folding stock; .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge (7.62x67mm).
SR-98 - AW model for Australian military and police forces; folding stock.
Global customers who have evaluated and/or operated the Accuracy International L96. Nations are displayed by flag, each linked to their respective national small arms listing.

Contractor(s): Accuracy International, Incorporated - Britain
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[ Australia; Bangladesh; Belgium; Bostwana; Belgium; Czech Republic; France; Greece; Hong Kong; India; Iraq; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Malaysia; Netherlands; Norway; New Zealand; Pakistan; Peru; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Sierra Leone; Singapore; Sri Lanka; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom; United States ]
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Image of the Accuracy International L96

Design Qualities
Some designs are single-minded in their approach while others offer a more versatile solution to requirements.
Some designs stand the test of time while others are doomed to never advance beyond the drawing board; let history be their judge.
Going Further...
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