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Brugger & Thomet GHM9 (series)

Modular Carbine

Switzerland | 2019

"The GHM9 series of modular carbines is an interesting and flexible additional to any tactically-minded buyer."

The physical qualities of the Brugger & Thomet GHM9 (series). Information presented is strictly for general reference and should not be misconstrued as useful for hardware restoration or operation.
628 mm
24.72 in
O/A Length
175 mm
6.89 in
Barrel Length
5.07 lb
2.30 kg
Semi-Automatic-Only; Recoil-Operated; Closed-Bolt Blowback
9x19mm; .40 S7W; .45 ACP (model dependent)
15-, 22-, or 30-round detachable box magazine (chambering dependent)
Optional Over-Receiver Aimers; Backup Flip-up Iron.
Notable series variants as part of the Brugger & Thomet GHM9 (series) Modular Carbine family line.
GHM9 - Base Series Designation.
GHM9 Standard - Base Production Model.
GHM9 Short - Shortened / compact model.
GHM9 Long - Lengthened model.
GHM9 SPORT - Lengthened model.
GHM9 SPORT Long - Full-length model.
GHM Compact-G - Compact form.
GHM40 - Chambered in .40 S&W.
GHM40G - Chambered in .40 S&W.
GHM45 - Chambered in .45 ACP.

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The GHM9 is a modular compact automatic weapon taking its initials from the Southwestern United States' "GrassHopper Mouse" (GHM) according to Brugger & Thomet marketing materials. It is chambered primarily in the ubiquitous 9x19mm pistol cartridge and feeds from a 30-round detachable box magazine. As with other modern firearms, modularity is a selling point of this portable system and the GHM9 delivers in accepting various stock options (including telescoping, M4-style buffer, and folding), handguards, and barrel lengths to suit customer requirements.

B&T categorizes this firearm as a semi-automatic "carbine" - therefore neither machine pistol nor submachine gun.

Its design is conventional with the pistol grip aft and the magazine well forward. This places the trigger group between with the action set above. The gun features a two-stage trigger system and internal hydraulic buffer. The receiver is slim and rectangular in its general shape with the barrel protruding a limited distance ahead of the slotted handguard. At the rear of the frame is a sliding, collapsible shoulder stock. A full-length section of Picatinny rail is featured over the frame of the weapon, allowing for various sights (including reflex types) to be installed (back-up flip-up iron sights are standard). Similarly, there are shorter sections at the 9-, 3-, and 6-o'clock positions at the handguard for additional tactical accessories.

According to available B&T materials covering the GHM9, supported lower receivers include those manufactured by HK SFP9, Walther P99, SIG P320, and Glock.

The GHM9 is finished in Type III Hard Coat Anodized and constructed primarily of aluminum. Overall length reaches 27.8 inches when fully extended and 17.8 inches when collapsed. The barrel measures 6.9 inches long. Weight is 5.5lb.

The firing action is limited to semi-automatic-only through a recoil-operated, close-bolt "blowback" arrangement. This involves the recoil action driving the bolt to the rear of the frame, the action then extracting (and subsequently ejecting) the spent cartridge case. The end of the bolt's movement is buffered the aforementioned hydraulic recoil mechanism to ensure a smooth stop (and reduce the inherent recoil effect on subsequent shots). The return spring (now compressed) ultimately releases and brings the bolt back to rest against the barrel assembly, completing the action. By this time, the entirety of the action has also stripped a fresh cartridge from the awaiting spring-loaded magazine if one is available - thus making the gun fully ready to fire again with another pull of the trigger.

The selector switch is located near the primary hand's thumb for relatively easy management, switching from SAFE (white dot) to SINGEFIRE (red dot) in short order. The magazine catch is found above the magazine well along the side of the frame and can be managed from either side of the gun.

The weapon handily breaks down into seven major components made up of the upper receiver with handguard, the charging handle, the recoil buffer, recoil springs, lower receiver, stock, and recoil spring plate.

The GHM9 consists of an entire family of related firearms that include the GHM9 Standard, GHM9 SD (no barrel / muzzle protrusion), GHM9 Short (minimum barrel / muzzle protrusion), GHM9 Long (increase barrel protrusion and lengthened handguard), CHM9 SPORT (lengthened barrel and hand guard), GHM9 SPORT Long (longest barrel and handguard), GHM9 Compact-G, GHM10, GHM40/G, and GHM45.

The GHM9 Compact-G is an appropriately shortened form of the already-compact GHM9. This results in a reduced-length barrel assembly and handguard housing ahead of the feed. The magazine well is also angled towards the shooter.

The GHM940 G is chambered in .40 S7W feeding from a 22-round magazine. Weight is 2.38kg. The GHm945 is chambered for .45 ACP and feeds from either a 15- or 30-round magazine. Weight is 3.27kg.

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Contractor(s): Brugger and Thomet - Switzerland
National flag of Switzerland National flag of the United States

[ Switzerland; United States ]
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Image of the Brugger & Thomet GHM9 (series)
Image from official Brugger and Thomet marketing materials.

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