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SIG-Sauer P365

Micro-Compact, High-Capacity Semi-Automatic Pistol

United States | 2018

"The SIG-Sauer P365 series is an ultra-compact sidearm primarily intended for concealed-carry and as a backup weapon to primary service types for law enforcement."

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The P365 is marketed as a "micro-compact", striker-fired semi-automatic firearms solution primarily for concealed-carry and the auxiliary sidearm market, its primary features being a very-small-footprint mated to a high-capacity magazine. Production of the gun has been ongoing since 2018 and the series has since gone on to reach best-selling status early in its run. To date, the P365 has been adopted by several prominent and small market law enforcement agencies across the United States including the Chicago Police Department, Miami Beach Police, and Indiana State Police as a backup / auxiliary service weapon.

The P365 is a successor to the P290 sub-compact handgun which was produced by Swiss-based SIG-Sauer from 2011 until 2017.

The gun sports a very conventional appearance and arrangement: the pistol grip is integral to the frame and trigger loop while the slide assembly runs over the entire length of the frame, housing the barrel assembly and recoil spring mechanism. Grip serrations are found fore and aft for improved slide management. The magazine release is within easy reach of the primary hand's thumb and the take-down and slide release levers are both set along the left side of the frame. The ejection port faces to the right of the shooter. Sights are positioned fore and aft with currently available configurations being FT Bullseye, Optic Ready with X-RAY3 day/night, ROMEO ZERO with XRAY3 front, and X-RAY3 day/night sights.

The internal action is semi-automatic (short-recoil, locked breech) and feeding is from a 10- or 12-round detachable box magazine depending on the model in play. Chambering is in the ubiquitous 9x19mm Parabellum (9mm Luger) though a newer form is in .380 ACP. The magazine is inserted into the base of the grip handle in the usual way.

The P365 series is represented by a family of related pistols that includes the base P365, the P365 SAS, the P365X, the P365XL, and the P365-380. The P365, SAS, X, and P365-380 models all share the 3.1 inch barrel length while the XL increases this to 3.7 inches. The P365, SAS, and P365-380 models are 5.8 inches long while the P365X reaches 6 inches and the P365 XL 6.6 inches in length, respectively. Magazine capacities are consistent at 10+1 cartridges for all models except the P365X and XL models (these having 12+1 cartridge capacity).

The P365XL appeared in mid-2019 with an enlarged grip, 12-round capacity magazine, and lengthened slide assembly. The P365 SAS of late-2019 features the SIG Anti-Snag (SAS) qualities for improved concealed-carry function and flush fiber optic sights. The P365X arrived in 2021 borrowing from the earlier P365XL including its flatter trigger unit, optics support, and enlarged grip (though without the lengthened slide assembly). The P365-380 is a form chambered for .380 ACP (380 AUTO) which is intended to reduced recoil effects while enhancing general control. This model began sales in February 2022 and holds 10+1 rounds.

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The physical qualities of the SIG-Sauer P365. Information presented is strictly for general reference and should not be misconstrued as useful for hardware restoration or operation.
147 mm
5.79 in
O/A Length
78 mm
3.07 in
Barrel Length
1.10 lb
0.50 kg
Semi-Auto; Short-Recoil; Locked Breech
9x19mm Parabellum; .380 ACP (model dependent)
10- or 12-round detachable box magazine.
Iron Front and Rear; Various Devices Supported.
Notable series variants as part of the SIG-Sauer P365 Micro-Compact, High-Capacity Semi-Automatic Pistol family line.
P365 - Base Series Designation;3.1in barrel; 5.8in overall length; 10+1 round capacity.
P365XL - Model of June 2019; 3.7in barrel; 6.6in overall length; 12+1 round capacity; flatter trigger; enlarged grip; lengthened slide assembly; removeable rear sight.
P365 SAS - Model of October 2019; 3.1" barrel; 5.8in overall length; 10+1 round capacity; optional ported barrel and slide; sans front sighting device; flush frame levers; flush rear fiber optic sighting device.
P365X - Model of 2021; based in the XL though without the lengthened slide assembly; 3.1in barrel; 6in overall length; 12+1 round capacity.
P465-380 - Model of February 2022; chambered in .380 ACP; 3.1in barrel; 5.8in overall length; 10+1 round capacity.
Global customers who have evaluated and/or operated the SIG-Sauer P365. Nations are displayed by flag, each linked to their respective national small arms listing.

Contractor(s): SIG-Sauer - United States / Switzerland
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Image of the SIG-Sauer P365
Image from official SIG-Sauer marketing materials.

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