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Indumil Cordova AR (Galil-C)

Assault Rifle / Assault Carbine [ 2018 ]

The Galil-C AR series is a modernized version of the original offering of 1990, both based in the Israeli GALIL Assault Rifle.

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The nation of Colombia produces a localized version of the famous (and proven) Israeli "GALIL" Assault Rifle (detailed elsewhere on this site). Local arms-maker Indumil supplies one such model as the "Galil-C AR" ("Galil Cordova Assault Rifle") chambered in the 5.56mm intermediate rifle cartridge round. There is a standard-length rifle form (the "Galil-C AR18"), a shorter-length carbine (the "Galil-C SAR13"), and the highly-compact assault carbine (the "Galil-C MAR8").

The Galil-C line succeeds the earlier AR18, SAR13, and MAR8 offerings by the company, the initial original models appearing in 1990. The Galil-C itself was debuted in 2018.

As its designation implies, the Galil-C AR18 variant sports an 18" long barrel assembly. Overall length of the weapon is 39" with the hinged folding stock extended (otherwise this is reduced to a more compact 36.8" carry length with the stock folded). The shoulder stock is adjustable to six positions and features a cheek riser for operator customization and comfort. The grip is of polymer construction, angled rearwards, and shaped ergonomically to better fit the primary hand. The trigger ring is integral and of a large loop design allowing a gloved hand to be used. The magazine release is located just ahead of the trigger group and, ahead of the magazine release itself, is the magazine well designed to accept a conventional, spring-loaded curved detachable box magazine (holding 35 x 5.56mm / .223 Remington rounds). The fire selector designed with right- and left-handed shooters in mind for it is ambidextrous. A perforated handguard over the gas cylinder and barrel assemblies provides an in-built cooling measure as well as protection for the supporting hand. The barrel assembly sits under the gas cylinder, the internal action relying on an automatic gas-operated system.

The Galil-C AR18 has a polymer-based fiberglass (reinforced) Picatinny rail arrangement surrounding the forend and running along the top of the receiver providing attachment points for multiple tactical accessories including flashlights, laser aimers, and low-light-level optics. Iron sights (adjustable for windage and elevation) are fitted forward and aft on the frame and over the barrel in the usual way. Weight (with an empty magazine inserted) reaches a manageable 8.37lb.

The shortened Galil-C SAR13 introduces measures to lighten the load and length of the weapon. This includes a 13" barrel assembly which reduces the overall length of the weapon to 34". This can furthermore be reduced to 31.8" with the collapsing stock folded over the left side of the receiver. All qualities of the AR18 are carried over to this more compact design. Weight is reduced to 7.71lb. Initial versions supported the 5.56x45mm cartridge. Guatemala is one known customer of the Galil-C SAR13 product (these sold in 2019).

Completing the AR line, and going an additional step further, is the Galil-C MAR8 which showcases an 8.3" barrel assembly, overall length of 29.9", and a folded length of 29.9 inches. Weight is down to 7.27lb making for a handier weapon worthy of the assault carbine classification. The Galil-C MAR8 has not been produced in notable numbers. ©MilitaryFactory.com
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Basics [+]
Indumil - Colombia
Colombia; Guatemala National flag of Colombia
Service Year
National Origin

Features a mechanical function to automate the firing action.
Modern class of long gun featuring select-fire properties, automatic internal function, and magazine feeding.

Compact nature allows for relatively easy concealment.
Internal action allows release of single round per trigger pull, actuating a semi-automatic loading mechanism for successive shots.
Internal action allows release of multiple rounds with a trigger pull in quick succession.
An automatic, or pseudo-automatic, function is built into the system, allowing for repeat firing to be achieved.
Supports 'iron sights' allowing for inherent accuracy in ranged fire.
Design allows for user adjustability of certain components for customization.
Design offers mounting points for external, after-market hardware including laser aimers, flashlights, scopes, and grips.

Overall Length
992 mm / 39.06 in
Barrel Length
937 mm / 36.89 in
Weight (Empty)
8.82 lb / 4.00 kg
Gas-Operated; Select-Fire
Gas-operated system is featured, typically involving a gas cylinder and rear-driven piston directing energy to the bolt component.
5.56mm / .223 Remington
*May not represent an exhuastive list; Calibers may be model-specific dependent; Always consult official manufacturer sources.
35-round detachable box magazine.
Iron Front and Rear; Optional Optics.

Material presented above is for historical and entertainment value and should not be construed as usable for hardware restoration, maintenance, or general operation - always consult official manufacturer sources for such information.

Max.Effective Range
1,640 ft / 499.9 m | 546.7 yds
650 rpm

Galil-C - Base Series Name.
Galil-C AR18 - Full-length assault rifle form; 18" barrel; 8.37lb weight.
Galil-C SAR13 - Compact carbine form with 13" barrel; 7.71lb weight.
Galil-C MAR - Highly-compact assault carbine with 8.3" barrel; 7.27lb weight.

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Image of the Indumil Cordova AR (Galil-C)
Image from official Indumil marketing materials; Used with Permisson.

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