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Barrett MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design)

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle (2012)

Infantry Small Arms / The Warfighter

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Image from official Barrett marketing material.

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The Barrett MRAD is based in the earlier M98B offering of 1997, retaining its bolt-action function and general capabilities.

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The Barrett MRAD ("Multi-Role Adaptive Design") sniper rifle is a relatively new and current offering by the famous Barrett Firearms Company responsible for the classic M82 series of 0.50 caliber heavy sniper rifles (detailed elsewhere on this site). The MRAD is of more conventional design and size for infantry-level units, chambered for several widely-available rifle cartridges, and functions from a manually-actuated bolt-action system. Design of the rifle is attributed to Chris Barrett and the product was originally developed to satisfy a 2009 US SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand) requirement for a modern precision-minded rifle system (the "Precision Rifle Rifle"). However, the service elected to take on the Remington "Modular Sniper Rifle" ("MSR") instead.

Nevertheless, the MRAD is known to be used by elements of Israeli special police (Yaman), the New Zealand Army, and Norwegian special operations forces. It was also endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) in 2012 by being named "Rifle of the Year".

The MRAD is a refined form of the earlier Barrett Model 98B developed by Ronnie Barrett in 1997 and the Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Company. These entered production in 2008. The M98B was modified to required levels for the SOCOM requirement.

Modularity and customizability are at the core of the rifle's design: the MRAD sports a lightweight folding stock that allows the assembly to be folded over the receiver and decreases the rifle's overall travel length when on-the-march. At the butt-end of the rifle is an adjustable (push-button) shoulder pad/recoil pad and height-adjustable polymer cheekpiece. The bolt-action lever sits over the right side of the receiver in the usual way and its guide is constructed of polymer for smoother bolt cycling. The pistol grip can be swapped out for other M4/M16-style units. The fully-adjustable trigger is enclosed by a strong, oversized ring (to better serve a gloved hand) and a thumb safety can be swapped from the left or right side of the body.

Depending on chambering (this being user-changeable), the rifle can fire typical rifle cartridges available to the Warfighter today including (but not limited to) .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .308 Winchester. Magazines (of 10-round count and polymer construction) are inserted into a well ahead of the trigger group and a paddle-style, ambidextrous magazine release is featured. The ejection port sits just above the magazine feed. M1913 Picatinny rail sections over the receiver (this section being of 22" length), under and to either side of the forend/hand guard offering a plethora of mounting options concerning sighting devices, hinged/folding bipod supports, and other tactical accessories. At the rifle's "business end" is a multi-slotted muzzle brake that can be replaced with a suppressor for clandestine operations.

Three barrel lengths are offered: 17", 20", 24", 26", and 27" driving overall weapon lengths to 40" to 50". Two bolts allow the weapon to be converted to multiple calibers and barrel lengths. Furthermore, barrels can be procured in fluted or unfluted forms to better serve customer interests.

Various finishes for the MRAD are offered: Grey, Dark Earth, Green, Bronze and traditional Black.


Service Year

United States national flag graphic
United States


Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Barrett Firearms Company - USA
National flag of Israel National flag of New Zealand National flag of Norway Israel; New Zealand; Norway
(OPERATORS list includes past, present, and future operators when applicable)
Accuracy / Precision
Long-range accuracy / precision capable; suitable for sniping, particularly when equipped with sighting aids.
Special Forces
Qualities of this weapon have shown its value to Special Forces elements requiring a versatile, reliable solution for the rigors of special assignments.

Overall Length
1,191 mm
46.89 in
Barrel Length
620 mm
24.41 in
Empty Wgt
14.77 lb
6.70 kg

Optional Optics.


Manually-Actuated Bolt-Action System

Manually-actuated process of managing the bolt lever to eject spent cartridge case, clearing the breech, to introduce fresh catridge into the chamber.
(Material presented above is for historical and entertainment value and should not be construed as usable for hardware restoration, maintenance, or general operation - always consult official manufacturer sources for such information)


.338 Lapua Magnum; .300 Winchester Magnum; .308 Winchester; 7mm Remington Magnum; 6.5 Creedmoor; 260 Remington

Sample Visuals**

Graphical image of a 7.62x51mm / .308 Winchester rifle cartridge
Graphical image of a .300 Winchester Magnum rifle cartridge
Graphical image of a .338 rifle cartridge
Rounds / Feed

10-Round Detachable Box Magazine.
Cartridge relative size chart
*May not represent an exhuastive list; calibers are model-specific dependent, always consult official manufacturer sources.
**Graphics not to actual size; not all cartridges may be represented visually; graphics intended for general reference only.
Muzzle Velocity
3,100 ft/sec
(945 m/sec)

MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) - Base Series Name.

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