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Barrett XM109 OSW (Objective Sniper Weapon)

Prototype Anti-Material Grenade Launcher / Rifle System

Infantry / Small Arms

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The Barrett XM109 mates the lethality of an anti-material rifle system with the firepower of a grenade launcher.

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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing of the United States had expanded upon the original Barrett M82/M107 anti-material rifle family with the introduction of its XM109 model. The weapon is chambered to fire the 25x59mm "smart" grenade that once formed the focus of the now-abandoned General Dynamics XM307 grenade-projecting weapon (detailed elsewhere on this site). The XM109 features the lower receiver of the classic M82/M107 anti-material rifle with an all-new upper receiver element. This allows the XM109 to be "rebuilt" and used in the traditional anti-material rifle role. The XM109 relies on a proven semi-automatic, short-recoil action with feeding by way of a 5-round detachable box magazine. It takes on a traditional rifle-style arrangement - shoulder stock, pistol grip, magazine, and forend/handguard.

For a time, the XM109 was known under the name of "Objective Sniper Weapon (OSW).

Overall weight of the XM109 is just over 33 lb with a running length of 46 inches and a barrel measuring 17.6 inches long. The shoulder stock is skeletal which reduces overall weight. The muzzle incorporates a massive vertically slotted brake to help content with the violent recoil effects of firing such a large caliber projectile. Across the top of the weapon is a long section of Picatinny rail which allows for a variety of optics to be fitted. A folding (optional) bipod is installed under the forend/handguard ahead of the magazine well and a carrying handle eases transport of the weapon on marches. A large ejection port is identified along the right side of the weapon body for ejecting the large spent casings of the 25mm grenade.

As with the M84/M107 series rifles, the XM109 is primarily intended to defeat light armored vehicles and engage personnel behind light fortified cover at range. The grenade aspect of the round adds a unique capability that typical anti-material rifles lack as grenades can carry variable warhead loads. A BORS ballistic computer assists in the "smart" aspect of the grenades in play. As a complete package, the XM109 is said to provide for increased engagement ranges over that as offered by the original Barrett rifles though within a more compact, portable package.

Current known operators of the XM109 include the Ukrainian Army.


Barrett Firearms Manufacturing - USA
National flag of Ukraine Ukraine
- Anti-Tank / Anti-Material / Breaching
- Area Effect
Overall Length:
1,200 mm (47.24 in)
Barrel Length:
450 mm (17.72 in)
Weight (Unloaded):
33.29 lb (15.10 kg)
Optional Optics.
Semi-Automatic; Short Recoil; Magazine-Fed
Effective Range:
6,335 ft (1,931 m; 2,112 yd)
XM109 - Base Series Designation

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