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2B11 Sani (Sleigh)

120mm Heavy Field Mortar

Infantry / Small Arms

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Image from the Russian Ministry of Defense; Public Release.
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Image from the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense image database.

Introduced during the Cold War in 1981, the 2B11 Sani 120mm mortar series persists in service with Russian forces.

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The 120mm 2B11 "Sani" ("Sleigh") was adopted by the Soviet Army in 1981 as a replacement to the storied, World War 2-era 120mm Model 1943 series detailed elsewhere on this site. The type improved engagement ranges, tactical flexibility, operating weight, and transportability while reducing the required crew by one. It retained all of the indirect fire usefulness of its predecessor, firing 120mm shells of various types (HE, incendiary, illumination, smoke) out to ranges of 4.5 miles. With the fall of the Soviet Empire in 1991, the Russian Army absorbed the weapon in its ranks and other former Soviet states elected to retain their stocks as well. This has led to continued use by Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, and Lithuania. Egypt is a foreign customer of the 2B11.

The 2B11 takes on a conventional field mortar form, incorporating the launch tube, bipod assembly, an MPM-44M optics set, and baseplate. A two-wheeled, rubber-tired carriage is integral and allows for quick displacement or transport under combat conditions. The complete system weighs 460lbs. The launch tube's mounting hardware provides an elevation reach of +45 to +80-degrees with an inherent traverse function of +/- 5 degrees from centerline. A trained crew can fire about 15 rounds per minute for sustained fire actions. Minimum engagement range is 0.30 miles with the maximum being 4.46 miles.


Motovilikhinskiye Zavody Special Engineering and Metallurgy JSC - Soviet Union
National flag of Azerbaijan National flag of Egypt National flag of Estonia National flag of Georgia National flag of Lithuania National flag of Poland National flag of Russia National flag of Soviet Union Azerbaijan; Egypt; Estonia; Georgia; Lithuania; Poland; Russia; Soviet Union
- In-Direct Fire / Siege / Area Effect
Weight (Unloaded):
462.97 lb (210.00 kg)
Integrated Optics.
Muzzle-Fed; Pin Actuated
15 rounds-per-minute
Effective Range:
23,555 ft (7,180 m; 7,852 yd)
2B11 "Sani" - Base Series Designation.

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