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China (1985)

Detailing the development and operational history of the NORINCO Type 85 Submachine Gun (SMG) / Assault Carbine.

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  NORINCO Type 85  
Picture of NORINCO Type 85 Submachine Gun (SMG) / Assault Carbine

The Type 85 submachine gun is still in use with Chinese police and PLA forces.

The Chinese Type 85 submachine gun appeared in two forms in the 1980s as a budget-conscious replacement for the Type 79 submachine gun and the Type 64 silenced submachine gun. The base submachine gun featured a blowback mechanism firing from an open bolt arrangement, a steel folding stock and the option to fire single round mode or full automatic.

The silenced version of the Type 85 features a steel silencer and fires the subsonic 7.62x25mm Type 64 cartridge though the 7.62x25mm Type 51 / TT cartridge is still available to this type of weapon at the expense of stealth.

Both versions feature the folding stock and a 30-round detachable box magazine.
Any available statistics for the NORINCO Type 85 Submachine Gun (SMG) / Assault Carbine are showcased in the areas immediately below. Categories include basic specifications covering initial year of service, country-of-origin and manufacture(s) involved in bringing the weapon to market. Other qualities showcased are related to physical values such as the internal action, available calibers / chamberings, weight and lengths. Global operators are also presented in A-to-Z format as are any model variants available to the series.
NORINCO Type 85 Specifications
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Year: 1985
Type: Submachine Gun (SMG) / Assault Carbine
Manufacturer(s): China NORth INdustries COrporation (NORINCO) - China
Supported Mission Types
Frontline Infantry
Special Forces
Close Quarters Battle
Designated Marksman/Sharpshooter
Area Effect/Suppression
Indirect Fire
Airspace Denial
Attachment Weapon
Internal Design, Weight and Dimensions
Firing Action: Open Bolt; Blowback
Available Caliber(s): 7.62x25mm Type 51 / TT
Ammunition Count / Feed: 30-round detachable box magazine
Weight (Empty): 4.19 lb (1.90 kg)
Overall Length: 628 mm (24.72 in)

Operating Performance
Rate-of-Fire (RoF): 780 rounds-per-minute (rpm)

Operators List

Model Variants
• Type 85 - Base Submachine Gun
• Type 85 (Silenced) - Base Submachine Gun with steel silencer; 2.5kg empty weight; 869mm length with open stock; 800 rounds per minute; 100-150m effective range; 7.62x25mm Type 64 cartridge.