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Milkor MGL-140

Multi-Range Grenade Launcher (MRGL)

Infantry / Small Arms

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Image courtesy of Milkor South Africa marketing material; Used with permission.
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Image courtesy of Milkor South Africa marketing material; Used with permission.

The South African Milkor 40mm Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher supplies repeat-fire grenade-launching capabilities through a revolving cylinder action.

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The Milkor concern of South Africa has a long-running history in development of versatile, military-grade, lethal and non-lethal automatic grenade projectors. One such development is the fourth generation Milkor "MRGL" ("Multi-Range Grenade Launcher") - also known as the "MGL-140" - which introduces support for a broader range of ammunition options. The product was added to the company line in 2008, further strengthening Milkor's expertise in the grenade-launching field. The MGL-140 gets its name from the length of its chamber (140mm) and continues the features of the earlier Mk 1L model series. The MGL-140 also forms the basis of the United States Marine Corps' M32 MGL/MSGL model line.

The MGL-140's lengthened six-shot cylinder allows support for Standard Range (SR), Extended Range (ER) and Medium Velocity (MV) grenade types. Depending on projectile, the weapon can reach ranges from 375 meters (SR) out to 800 meters (MV). The internal mechanics (with a semi-automatic action) of the weapon allow the operator to clear all six chambers, in rapid succession, within three seconds - allowing heavy suppression fire when needed, either in a military setting or during crowd control operations. The weapon's relatively compact dimensions (overall length of 761mm/6.5kg weight) make it portable by a single grenadier and the weapon can be further mounted on vehicles, watercraft and helicopters. The MGL-140 showcases the standard Milkor "Occluded Eye Gun Sight" sighting device. Its shoulder stock is hinged to allow for various levels of comfort to be reached. The included foregrip acts as a second support point - joining the primary shooting hand at the grip and the shoulder stock.


Milkor Pty Ltd - South Africa
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- Area Effect
Overall Length:
778 mm (30.63 in)
Barrel Length:
300 mm (11.81 in)
Weight (Unloaded):
11.68 lb (5.30 kg)
Armson OEG Collimator.
Semi-Automatic; Revolving Cylinder
Muzzle Velocity:
250 feet-per-second (76 meters-per-second)
20 rounds-per-minute
Effective Range:
1,230 ft (375 m; 410 yd)
MGL-140 - Base series designation

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