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The OSV-96 series of large-caliber anti-material rifles is in limited use with Russian and Indian forces among a few others.

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The Russian OSV-96 is a standard, no-frills large-caliber anti-tank/anti-material precision rifle system of conventional design. It sports a large detachable box magazine that is inserted into the bottom of the receiver, a pistol grip, padded skeletal shoulder stock, forward carrying handle, integrated folding bipod under the barrel and optional optics. The long-running free-floating barrel is capped by a large slotted muzzle brake to help dampen recoil effects. The firing action revolves around a gas-operation with rotating bolt mechanism and semi-automatic rate-of-fire - allowing the operator to fire off successive shots without manually managing a bolt. The box magazine holds 5 x 12.7x108mm cartridges (equivalent to the 12.7x99mm NATO) while optics are backed by traditional iron sights to maintain ranged capabilities should a scope fail. Overall length of the weapon is 1,746 millimeters with a 1,000 millimeter long barrel assembly and effective range is out to 2,000 meters. The weapon was designed in the 1990s and introduced in 1996, currently seeing service with Russian intelligence and special forces elements and Indian special marine units.

The anti-tank/anti-material rifle is an ever growing heavy weapons category of the modern battlefield. These weapon types can be utilized to attack all manner of lightly-armored or fortified high-value targets or emplacements. Optics allow for precision shooting at distance to the point that the operator can engage key systems on a vehicle (a combat tank for instance) or structure to render them useless. To put the value of large-caliber guns into perspective, these weapon types hold the capability to cut clean through engine blocks at range.

As is the case with most anti-material rifles, the OSV-96 is a dimensionally large and weighty weapon system requiring operation by specially-trained personnel. The weapon is designed to fold at the barrel/receiver for improved portability though its size and weight are still a concern. The weapon holds and inherently violent recoil which is consistent in the firing of such large cartridges so firing is generally from the prone position with the rifle balanced on its bipod assembly and the buttstock tucked into the operator's shoulder. The OSV-96 (as with all large-caliber rifles of this breed) gives off a very audible and visual blast effect which, in some cases, may expose the firer's position to the enemy. However, this is countered to an extent by the sheer penetrating capabilities of such a large-caliber firearm.


KBP Instrument Design Bureau - Russia
National flag of Belarus National flag of India National flag of Iraq National flag of Russia National flag of Syria Belarus; India; Iraq; Russia; Syria
- Anti-Tank / Anti-Material / Breaching
Overall Length:
1,746 mm (68.74 in)
Barrel Length:
1,000 mm (39.37 in)
Weight (Unloaded):
28.44 lb (12.90 kg)
Iron front and rear; optional optics
Gas-Operated; Rotating Bolt; Semi-Automatic
Muzzle Velocity:
800 feet-per-second (244 meters-per-second)
20 rounds-per-minute
Effective Range:
6,560 ft (1,999 m; 2,187 yd)
OSV-96 - Base Series Designation

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