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HG 85 (Handgranate 85) Infantry Hand Grenade

The HG 85 has since been accepted into the inventories of the Swiss, Dutch and British armies.

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The HG 85 is a time fuse-detonated fragmentation grenade system packed with 155 grams of TNT. Each unit weighs in at 465 grams and feature a diameter of 65mm. As an anti-personnel weapon system, the HG 85 relies on its detonation mechanism to send thousands of metal shards in all directions, devastating soft targets with relative ease. As such, these types of weapons are useful in clearing out a determined and prepared enemy from fortifications and urban settings. The Swiss Army first began operational service of the HG 85 series in 1985 to which several other European powers have followed suit.

The HG 85 is designed conventionally and sports an egg-like body that sits firmly into an adult hand. The pull-ring is fitted to the top along with the safety component. The grenade body casing is of metal. The user actuated the arming process manually and then throws the grenade in the direction of the enemy, taking care to manage a safe distance from the detonation of which individual fragments may reach out to 100 yards or more.

The HG 85 series is primarily used by the military forces of Switzerland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The British redesignated the grenade as the L109 in the Royal inventory and features a specially-devised safety clip which the original HG 85 does not. The L110 designates an inert Drill Grenade for grenade throwing training and is noticeably colored in blue (as opposed to the L109's external green scheme. The Dutch designated their HG 85 as the Nr300 and features the same safety clip installation as the British L109.

HG 85 (Handgranate 85) Technical Specifications

Service Year: 1985
Type: Infantry Hand Grenade
National Origin: Switzerland
Manufacturer(s): Altdorf; Thun - Switzerland

Design (Internal, Dimensions and Weights)

Firing Action: Timed Fuse Explosive; Thrown
Available Caliber(s): 65mm
Ammunition Count / Feed: Single Use
Overall Length: 97 mm (3.82 inches)
Weight (Empty): 1,025.15 lb (465.00 kg)
Sighting Assist: Not Applicable


Global Operators / Customers

Netherlands; Switzerland; United Kingdom

Model Variants (Including Prototypes)

HG 85 - Base Series Designation
L109 - British Army Designation; additional safety clip.
L110 - British Army Practice Grenade of the L109 series.
Nr300 - Dutch Army Designation; similar to British L109.
Nr330 - Dutch Army Designation