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F1 (Hand Grenade - Australia)

Infantry Hand Grenade

Infantry / Small Arms

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Close-up detail view of the Australia Army F hand grenade

The F1 hand grenade entered service with the Australia Army in 2006 replacing the American M26 series.

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F1 designates the standard fragmentation hand grenade of the modern Australian Army (otherwise known as the Australian Defense Force). The system is very conventional in its design and relies on a time-fuse detonating an internal high-explosive payload, hereby firing off shrapnel throughout the surrounding environment. Such weapon systems are useful for displacing fortified enemy elements in trenches or foxholes and can serve as a devastating weapon for dealing with enemy forces in confined urban structures. As such, the F1 series is categorized as an "anti-personnel" weapon.

In open areas, the F1 can affect up to 15 meters of terrain and its shrapnel can effectively reach as far out as 30 meters with stragglers moving on passed that limit. The grenade body holds some 4,000 steel spheres meant to inflict the maximum amount of damage upon detonation. The explosive filling is 62 grams of the RDX compound. The internal fuse length is between 4.5 and 5.5 seconds in length allowing the thrower to "cook off" time to decrease the chances his grenade will be thrown back to him or his comrades. Each F1 system weighs in at 375 grams ensuring that each individual soldier can maintain several in his possession during operations.

The F1 entered service with the ADF in 2006 and is the primary anti-personnel grenade issued throughout the service. It has seen extensive actions in Operation Enduring Freedom with Australian forces in Afghanistan.

The F1 is produced by Thales Australia (formerly known as ADI Limited). The defense contracting firm supports some 3,500 employees and is headquartered out of Sydney, Australia. Thales also supplies the F3 practice grenade to the ADF which allows for infantry training the finer points of the F1 weapon. These versions release white smoke after a small "explosion" to mimic the actions of the operational F1.


Thales Australia - Australia
National flag of Australia Australia
- Area Effect
Overall Length:
96 mm (3.78 in)
Weight (Unloaded):
826.73 lb (375.00 kg)
Not Applicable.
Timed Fuse Explosive; Thrown
F1 - Base Series Designation
F3 - Practice Grenade Designation

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