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Bridesburg Model 1863

United States (1863)

Detailing the development and operational history of the Bridesburg Model 1863 Rifle Musket.

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  Bridesburg Model 1863  
Picture of Bridesburg Model 1863 Rifle Musket

The Bridesburg Model 1863 was essentially the Bridesburg Model 1861 with some minor improvements.

The Bridesburg Model 1863 was a follow-up to the Bridesburg Model 1861. The rifle-musket was produced by the Bridesburg Machine Works out of Bridesburg, Pennsylvania and owned by Alfred Jenks and his son Barton. The family had made a name for themselves in the cotton and wool industries before the American Civil War came calling. Production facilities were set up to handle the large contract orders from the US government. Bridesburg Machine Works was one such facility, operating as a subcontractor to the Springfield Armory.

The Model 1863 was essentially the Model 1861 with some improvements. The rifle was produced in two major types known simply as "Type 1" and "Type 2". Type 1 noted an improved hammer component as well as well as revised muzzle retaining bands. The Type 2 noted a revised rear sight and spring retainers for the muzzle bands. Externally, she shared many of the design characteristics of the Model 1861 before her including a right-sided hammer and lock plate, metal buttplate and underslung ramrod.

Like the Model 1861, the Model 1863 was also a single-shot, percussion-based, muzzle-loading rifle-musket chambered to fire a .58 caliber cartridge. Her barrel measured in at 40 inches.

Any available statistics for the Bridesburg Model 1863 Rifle Musket are showcased in the areas immediately below. Categories include basic specifications covering initial year of service, country-of-origin and manufacture(s) involved in bringing the weapon to market. Other qualities showcased are related to physical values such as the internal action, available calibers / chamberings, weight and lengths. Global operators are also presented in A-to-Z format as are any model variants available to the series.
Bridesburg Model 1863 Specifications
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United States
Year: 1863
Type: Rifle Musket
Manufacturer(s): Bridesburg Machine Works - USA
Supported Mission Types
Frontline Infantry
Special Forces
Close Quarters Battle
Designated Marksman/Sharpshooter
Area Effect/Suppression
Indirect Fire
Airspace Denial
Attachment Weapon
Internal Design, Weight and Dimensions
Firing Action: Percussion
Available Caliber(s): .58
Ammunition Count / Feed: Single-Shot
Barrel Length: 1,016 mm (40.00 in)
Sighting Assist: Two-Leaf Folding Rear; Fixed Front

Operating Performance

Operators List
United States

Model Variants
• Model 1863 Type 1 - Improved hammer and muzzle retaining bands.
• Model 1863 Type 2 - Revised rearsight and spring retainers for the muzzle bands.