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Brugger & Thomet GL-06

Single-Shot Grenade Launcher

Infantry / Small Arms

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Right side profile view of the Brugger & Thomet GL-06 grenade launcher

The single-shot Brugger & Thomet launcher can fire projectiles of any length adhering to the 40x46mm caliber.

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The Brugger & Thomet GL-06 is a single-shot, reusable grenade launcher originating from Switzerland. The small firm of Brugger & Thomet was founded in 1991 by Karl Brugger and Heinrich Thomet to supply gun suppressors to Swiss defense and law enforcement sectors. Thomet left the company , leaving Brugger in sole control and the firm has since branched out to reach several foreign arms markets with products such as the relatively new GL-06. The GL-06 is marketed to both police and military customers and can fulfill a variety of roles between them including that of crowd control, suppression and dislodging.

The GL-06 is operated by a manually-loaded, single-shot break-action breech that accepts a 40x46mm caliber grenade. Its operation is very similar in scope to the American Vietnam War-era M79 "Bloop Tube" 40mm grenade launcher or the similar 1960s-era HK69A1 produced by the German firm of Heckler & Koch. Muzzle velocity is rated at 279 feet per second with an effective range out to 900 feet (300 meters). The operator can make use of iron sights for accurized fire. The weapon weighs in at 4.52lbs and features a collapsible stock that takes the original 23.3 inch length down to a more manageable 15.2 reach. Barrel length is a fixed 11 inches.

Outwardly, the GL-06 shares an appearance more akin to that of a compact submachine gun. The design is more or less dominated by the cylindrical launch tube that is hinged forward to fold open and accept a fresh 40mm grenade. Sights are mounted atop the rear of the tube and open along with it. The receiver is stout and ergonomically designed to fit well in the hands. The action is actuated by way of a solid trigger set within a hardened trigger ring which is attached to the ergonomic pistol grip. The foldable stock is skeletal in nature and reduces the overall weight of the weapon system. An optional forward vertical grip can be affixed under the forend and accessories (Red Dot sight, flashlight) can be mounted atop the launch tube and to the upper sides of the forend near the vertical foregrip. A carrying strap is optional and can be linked up to a loop near the upper rear regions of the receiver. The base color for production GL-06 is a flat black.

The GL-06 can fire a variety of low-velocity 40mm ammunition types and was purposely designed as such to make it an acceptable foreign product. The LL-06 is a "less lethal" variant of the base GL-06 and features a vibrant bright yellow finish on the receiver, pistol grip and stock. Regardless of its less lethal marketing phrase, the LL-06 is said to still maintain the inherent qualities to manage all sorts of 40mm projectiles as needed.

The base GL-06 grenade launcher has been offered in two visibly different forms - one with a tubular foldable ballistic helmet visor stock and the other with the foldable skeletal stock.


Brugger & Thomet AG - Switzerland
National flag of Iraq National flag of Switzerland Iraq; Switzerland
- Area Effect
- Specialized Role
Overall Length:
590 mm (23.23 in)
Barrel Length:
280 mm (11.02 in)
Weight (Unloaded):
4.52 lb (2.05 kg)
Adjustable Rear Ghost Ring; Protected Front; Optional Optics
Single-Shot; Double Action (DA)
Muzzle Velocity:
279 feet-per-second (85 meters-per-second)
Effective Range:
984 ft (300 m; 328 yd)
GL-06 - Base Series Designation
BT-31000 - Black Sans Access Safety
BT-31000-1 - Black with Access Safety
BT-31000-2 - Sans Access Safety
BT-31000-3 - Access Safety
LL-06 - "Less Lethal" Version; noted by its bright yellow receiver.

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