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M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) Six-Shot Grenade Launcher

The Milkor USA M32 is a multiple-shot, repeat-fire 40mm grenade launcher system having seen use with USMC elements in Iraq.

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The M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a new United States Marine Corps (USMC) adoption of a repeat-fire, portable grenade launcher. The weapon was trialed with Marine units in Iraq and offers suppression of enemy positions through a spring-driven, non-removable, six-shot revolving cylinder capable of projecting 40mm-type grenades out to ranges of 400 yards. The procurement contract for the initial 200 units was handed to Milkor USA in 2005 and the weapons first fielded in 2006. The M32 is based on the patents of the excellent South African MGL-140 system designed and manufactured by Milkor Pty Ltd. The original MGL design was debuted in 1981 and accepted into service during 1983, going on to see widespread service (in varied forms) across the globe with over a dozen nations.

The M32 features an adjustable stock affixed to the rear of the receiver while the trigger unit is conventional. Sections of Picatinny rail are noted over the receiver and on all sides of the handguard. The massive cylinder sits ahead of the grip and trigger group with the barrel ahead. The twelve-inch-long barrel protrudes some ahead of the handguard and no muzzle accessories are featured. A forward grip can be added through the accessories rail under the handguard for frontal support of the unit. In this way, various optics and accuracy accessories can be applied to the handguard and receiver as required by the operator. The M2A1 reflex sight has been standardized on USMC M32s during trials.

The M32 is given the formal, long-form designation of "M32 Multiple Shot Grenade Launcher" and is abbreviated as "M32 MGL/MSGL" for this reason. US Special Forces (SOCOM) utilizes a slightly modified form of the M32 as the "Mark 14". These have been given an eight-inch barrel for compactness and reinforced components for use with a medium velocity grenade projectile.

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M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) Technical Specifications

Service Year: 2006
Type: Six-Shot Grenade Launcher
National Origin: United States
Manufacturer(s): Milkor USA - USA

Design (Internal, Dimensions and Weights)

Firing Action: Spring-Driven Rotating Cylinder
Available Caliber(s): 40x46mm grenade
Ammunition Count / Feed: Six-Shot Non-Removable Rotating Cylinder
Overall Length: 812 mm (31.97 inches)
Barrel Length: 305 mm (12.01 inches)
Weight (Empty): 13.01 lb (5.90 kg)
Sighting Assist: M2A1 Reflex Sight


Muzzle Velocity: 250 feet/sec (76 m/sec)
Rate-of-Fire (RoF): 120 rounds-per-minute (rpm)
Typical Range: 1,315 feet (401 meters; 438 yards)

Global Operators / Customers

United States

Model Variants (Including Prototypes)

M32 MGL - Base Series Designation; full-length 12-inch barrel assembly.
Mark 14 - SOCOM variant with 8-inch barrel assembly and reinforced components.