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Heckler & Koch HK MP5N

Germany (1983)

Detailing the development and operational history of the Heckler & Koch HK MP5N Submachine Gun (SMG).

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  Heckler & Koch HK MP5N  
Picture of Heckler & Koch HK MP5N Submachine Gun (SMG)
Picture of Heckler & Koch HK MP5N Submachine Gun (SMG)

The German Heckler and Koch HK MP5N submachine gun is the navalized model of the earlier hugely successful HK MP5 machine pistol series.

The HK MP5N is yet another variant of the highly successful series of West German submachine guns following the MP5 pattern. The 'N' designator marks it as "Navy" to become the specialized Navy Model of the MP5 line developed specifically for use by the United States Navy (USN). The weapon has since been taken on by other operators around the world including Malaysia.

The Navy Model features a specialized "Navy trigger system", threaded barrel for support of suppressors / silencers, a retractable shoulder stock for compact-carry and fixed front titanium sights. The MP5N can be fitted with a specially-designed stainless steel waterproof silencer for close-in clandestine work.

Many of the functionality and general qualities found in the MP5 series are retained in the N model including selective-fire (safety and full-automatic modes), an angled handguard covering most of the barrel's length, oversized trigger ring for use by a gloved hand and slim, curved magazines available in 15- or 30-round cartridge counts. Rate-of-fire is 800 rounds-per-minute.
Any available statistics for the Heckler & Koch HK MP5N Submachine Gun (SMG) are showcased in the areas immediately below. Categories include basic specifications covering initial year of service, country-of-origin and manufacture(s) involved in bringing the weapon to market. Other qualities showcased are related to physical values such as the internal action, available calibers / chamberings, weight and lengths. Global operators are also presented in A-to-Z format as are any model variants available to the series.
Heckler & Koch HK MP5N Specifications
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Year: 1983
Type: Submachine Gun (SMG)
Manufacturer(s): Heckler & Koch GmbH - Germany
Supported Mission Types
Frontline Infantry
Special Forces
Close Quarters Battle
Designated Marksman/Sharpshooter
Area Effect/Suppression
Indirect Fire
Airspace Denial
Attachment Weapon
Internal Design, Weight and Dimensions
Firing Action: Roller-Locked Delayed Blowback
Available Caliber(s): 9x19mm Parabellum
Ammunition Count / Feed: 15 or 30-Round Detachable Box
Weight (Empty): 5.51 lb (2.50 kg)
Overall Length: 680 mm (26.77 in)
Sighting Assist: Iron front and rear

Operating Performance
Rate-of-Fire (RoF): 800 rounds-per-minute (rpm)
Typical Range: 656 feet (200 m; 219 yd)

Operators List
Austria; Bangladesh; Egypt; France; Germany; Indonesia; Italy; Malaysia; South Korea; United States

Model Variants
• HK MP5N - Base Series Designation

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