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Arsenal AD AR-M1

Assault Rifle

Arsenal AD AR-M1

Assault Rifle


The Arsenal AR-M1 Assault Rifle is a locally-produced and evolved Bulgarian form of the storied Soviet AK-47 series.
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ORIGIN: Bulgaria
YEAR: 1998
MANUFACTURER(S): Arsenal AD - Bulgaria
OPERATORS: Bulgaria; Iraq

Common measurements, and their respective conversions, are shown when possible. * Calibers listed may be model/chambering dependent.
ACTION: Selective-Fire; Gas-Operated; Rotating Bolt
CALIBER(S)*: 5.56x45mm NATO; 7/62x39mm
LENGTH (OVERALL): 735 millimeters (28.94 inches)
LENGTH (BARREL): 206 millimeters (8.11 inches)
WEIGHT (UNLOADED): 5.95 pounds (2.70 kilograms)
SIGHTS: Iron Front and Rear; Optional Optics
MUZZLE VELOCITY: 2,415 feet-per-second (736 meters-per-second)
RATE-OF-FIRE: 650 rounds-per-minute
RANGE (EFFECTIVE): 1,315 feet (401 meters; 438 yards)

Series Model Variants
• AR-M1 - Base Series Designation; AK-74-style front sight base; black polymer stock; illuminated sights; flash suppressor; accessories rail section.
• AR-M1 - Folding stock variant of AR-M1
• AR-M2 - Shortened barrel assembly; AKS-74U front sight base; flash suppressor/muzzle booster fitted.
• AR-M2F - Folding stock variant of AR-M2
• AR-M4SF - Assault Carbine Form; AKS-74 influence; night vision support; red dot sights.
• AR-M7F - AK-101-style folding stock; based on AR-M1 model.
• AR-M9 - Based on AR-M1; thumb fire selector switch; revised polymer stock section.
• AR-M9F - Folding stock variant of AR-M9
• AR-1 - Illuminated sights; black polymer lining
• AR-1F - Folding stock variant of AR-1
• AR-SF - AK-74U influence; laser aimer


Detailing the development and operational history of the Arsenal AD AR-M1 Assault Rifle.  Entry last updated on 12/5/2017. Authored by Staff Writer. Content ©
Arsenal AD of Bulgaria, founded in 1878, produces a local, improved version of the storied Soviet-era Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle as the "AR-M1". The design includes the front sight base of the AK-74 series rifle and is operated with a black polymer stock, flash suppressor at the muzzle and illuminated iron sights. A section of rail is provided for the mounting of various optics. The weapon is available in 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x39mm chamberings.

Variants include the AR-M1F which is a folding stock model. The AR-M2 is a further evolved form of the base AR-M1 though which shortened barrel assembly, flash suppressor/muzzle booster attachment and AKS-74U style front sight base. Its folding stock counterpart is the AR-M2F.

An assault carbine model is seen as the AR-M4SF and includes a red dot sight from the AKS-74 series. There is also support for various night and low-level light optics. The AR-M7F features an AK-101-style folding stock. The AR-M9 has a thumb-operated fire selector and revised polymer stock section. Its folding stock counterpart is the AR-M9F. Black polymer linings and illuminated sights greet the AR-1 and AR-1F folding stock designs. The AR-SF is influenced by the AKS-74U and includes a laser-aimer.

The AR-M1 makes up part of the new Iraqi Army inventory.


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