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Type 51 Semi-Automatic Pistol

The Type 51 pistol is nothing more than a direct copy of the Soviet made TT-33 handgun, with some external differences in design.

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The Chinese Type 51 was nothing more than a locally-produced Chinese copy of the famed Soviet Tokarev TT-33 semi-automatic pistol series. The TT-33 was itself developed as a production-friendly form of the original TT-30 series during World War 2. Furthermore, the TT-30 itself was developed from the world-renowned Colt-Browning M1911 pistol.

While generally perceived of as a direct copy of the Soviet style, the Chinese Type 51 incorporated more grooves (and narrower in form) along its slide. Beyond that, the two pistols were nearly identical in form and function. The Type 51 brought with it the heavy recoil of the Soviet model, making them slightly inaccurate to an extent - particularly in the hand of a new operator. The Type 51 also made use of the 7.62x25mm Soviet M30 cartridge, these in an eight round detachable box magazine fitting into the pistol grip. Sights were noted at front and rear and, overall, the Type 51 exhibited much of the appearance found in many semi-automatic handguns following the inception of the Colt M1911.

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Type 51 Technical Specifications

Service Year: 1967
Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol
National Origin: China
Manufacturer(s): NORINCO - China

Design (Internal, Dimensions and Weights)

Firing Action: Semi-Automatic; Recoil-Operated
Available Caliber(s): 7.62x25mm Soviet M30
Ammunition Count / Feed: 8-round detachable box
Overall Length: 193 mm (7.60 inches)
Barrel Length: 116 mm (4.57 inches)
Weight (Empty): 1.12 lb (0.51 kg)
Sighting Assist: Front and Rear


Muzzle Velocity: 1,375 feet/sec (419 m/sec)

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Model Variants (Including Prototypes)

TT-33 - Soviet production model on which the Type 51 is a direct copy of, with some external and subtle differences.
Type 51 - Chinese production designation of Soviet TT-33 model.
M48 - Poland and Yugoslavian production designation of Soviet TT-33.
M65 - Hungary production model designation of Soviet TT-33.
M68 - North Korea production model designation of Soviet TT-33.