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WW2 Warships (1939-1945)

The at-sea engagements of warships and submarines in World War 2 marked the last great clashes of naval history.

The naval war of World War 2 was just one component of a very far-reaching and complex war. There was a battle for the Mediterranean where the Germans needed to be starved out of their position in North Africa and the mighty Italian fleet needed to be corralled to Italian shores. In the Atlantic, vital supplies were required in Britain and elsewhere from the United States and this gave rise to the German 'Wolf Pack' hunting submarine groups which seemingly without deterrence. In the Pacific, the Empire of Japan has reached far and wide in its conquest of the region - and this mighty foe needed to be driven back to its own soil before total victory could be had.

Before the end, it would take tens of thousands of lives and the loss of hundreds of thousands of tons to bring peace back to a war-torn world. The ships included in these pages mark the most memorable - and those forgotten to history - vessels and vessel types that took part in the Grand Conflict.