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Ladny (801)

Guided-Missile Frigate Warship (1982)

Naval Warfare

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Despite her late-Cold War era entry into service, the frigate Ladny 801 maintains an active presence in the modern Russian Fleet.

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The modern Russian Navy operates at least two vessels of the 3,575 ton displacement Krivak-class (Project 1135 Burevestnik) group, these warships designed to a frigate surface combatant standard during the Cold War period (1947-1991). Ultimately forty of the class were built and operated under the naval flags of allied nations such as India, North Korea and Ukraine but their numbers have been decidedly reduced today (2018). The two Russia Navy examples, Ladny (also "Ladnyy") and Pytlivyy, are known to be in active service with the Black Sea Fleet. Krivak II-class and Krivak-III ships became modernized versions of the class.

The class, and its sub-groups, were used to succeed the aging line of Riga-class frigates operating since the 1950s. The Talwar-class and Admiral Grigorovich-class are both sub-classes of the Krivak-class ships and detailed elsewhere on this site.

Ladny (translating to "Harmonious") - the subject of this article - was laid down by shipbuilder Kamysch-Burun of Kerch on May 25th, 1979 and launched to sea on May 7th, 1980. She was formally commissioned for service on December 29th, 1980. As such, Ladny is a veteran of the Soviet Navy fleet as well as the modern Russian Navy.

The type is classified as a guided-missile frigate meaning their primary armament is centered on missiles for surface-attack and airspace denial. Frigates are generally designed to a fast and agile standard and can operate independently or as part of the main fighting force. As such, their armament suite is typically a broad array of options to counter just about any at-sea (or undersea) threat the vessel may encounter. This allows their kind to also be useful roles beyond direct combat such as convoy escort or fleet support to capital ships like aircraft carriers.

Her profile consists of missile horizontally-laid launchers fitted over the forecastle with the bridge superstructure found directly aft of this. The superstructure is home to a bevy of antenna, communications, and sensor units critical to the function (and general) survival of the ship. A complex lattice-style mast is set atop the aft section of the superstructure with a busy network of systems installations. The smoke funnels are of a low-profile design and seated near midships while a pair of inline turrets are positioned aft of this as the hull lines step down towards the stern.
As completed, Ladny displaces 3,420 tons under full load and has a running length of 405 feet with a beam of 46 feet and a draught of 15 feet. Power is from a COmbined Gas-And-Gas (COGAG) arrangement which sees 2 x M62 series gas turbines used for cruising actions and 2 x M8K gas turbines used for dash actions. The former outputs 12,000 horsepower while the latter outputs 36,000 horsepower. This drives 2 x shafts seated under stern and propels the vessel to speeds of 30 knots, in ideal conditions, out to ranges of 3,500 miles - giving the warship good "legs" for blue water work.

Aboard is a crew of 197 personnel. The air-search radar component is the MR-310U Angara-M / Head Net-C 3D system. She also is equipped with the MGK-332MC "Titan-2" / "Bull Nose" hull-mounted MF system and the "Smerch" with "Bell Shroud" intercept units are used in the Electronic Warfare (EW) role. 2 x Towed arrays are carried for submarine-hunting exercises. Only Krivak III-class vessels support an ASW helicopter over the stern flight deck - the Ladny, as such, does not.

The armament suite is led by 4 x URK-5 (SS-N-14) Rastrub / Silex Surface-to-Surface / Anti-Ship Missile (SSM/ASM) launchers at the forecastle. 2 x Osa-MA-2 (SA-N-4 "Gecko") Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) systems are carried to combat low-flying aerial threats to the ship. For extreme close-in work there are 2 x 76.2mm AK-726 twin-gunned turret emplacements fitted aft of midships. The warship is also equipped with 4 x 21" ASW / anti-submarine torpedo launchers and can dispense up to sixteen naval mines, the latter useful in denying strategic waterways.

Despite her Cold War-era roots, Ladny can still be regarded as a potent surface combatant due to her modern missile armament and onboard systems.


Service Year

Soviet Union national flag graphic
Soviet Union

In Active Service.


BUREVESTNIK-CLASS: Bditelnyy (1970); Bodryy (1971); Svirepyy (1971); Storozhevoy (1972); Razyashchiy (1973); Razumnyy (1974); Druzhnyy (1975); Dostoynyy (1971); Doblestnyy (1973); Deyatelnyy (1973); Bezzavetnyy (1978); Bezukoriznennyy (1980); Ladnyy (1980); Poryvistyy (1980); Zharkiy (1975); Retivy (1976); Leningradskiy Komsomolets (1976) (renamed Legkiy in 1992); Letuchiy (1977); Pylkiy (1979); Zadornyy (1979) BUREVESTNIK M-CLASS: Bessmennyy (1979); Gordelivy (1979); Gromkiy (1979); Grozyashchiy (1977); Neukrotimyy (1978); Pytlivyy (1982/2008); Razitelnyy (1977); Revnostnyy (1980); Rezkiy (1976); Rezvyy (1975); Ryavnyy (1980) TALWAR-SUB CLASS (INDIA): INS Talwar (F40) (2003); INS Trishul (F43) (2003); INS Tabar (F44) (2004); INS Teg (F45) (2009-2011); INS Tarkash F46 (2011/2012); INS Trikand F50 (2012)

National flag of Russia National flag of the Soviet Union Russia; Soviet Union
(OPERATORS list includes past, present, and future operators when applicable)
Offshore Bombardment
Offshore bombardment / attack of surface targets / areas primarily through onboard ballistic weaponry.
Offshore strike of surface targets primarily through onboard missile / rocket weaponry.
Maritime Patrol
Active patroling of vital waterways and maritime areas; can also serve as local deterrence against airborne and seaborne threats.
Airspace Denial / Deterrence
Neutralization or deterrence of airborne elements through onboard ballistic of missile weaponry.
Fleet Support
Serving in support (either firepower or material) of the main surface fleet in Blue Water environments.

405.3 ft
123.54 m
46.3 ft
14.11 m
15.1 ft
4.60 m

Installed Power: 2 x M62 cruising gas turbine engines developing 12,000 horsepower with 2 x M8K dash gas turbine engines developing 36,000 horsepower to 2 x Shafts in COGAG (COmbined Gas And Gas) arrangement.
Surface Speed
30.0 kts
(34.5 mph)
3,041 nm
(3,500 mi | 5,633 km)

kts = knots | mph = miles-per-hour | nm = nautical miles | mi = miles | km = kilometers

1 kts = 1.15 mph | 1 nm = 1.15 mi | 1 nm = 1.85 km
2 x 76.2mm AK-726 turreted deck guns
4 x URK-5 / SS-N-14 "Rastrub" / "Silex" Surface-to-Surface Missiles (SSMs) / Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) missiles.
2 x Osa-Ma-2 Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) systems (SA-N-4 "Gecko" series).
4 x 21" torpedo tubes

Also up to sixteen naval mines.

Supported Types

Graphical image of a modern warship turreted deck gun armament
Graphical image of an air-to-air missile weapon
Graphical image of an aircraft aerial torpedo
Graphical image of a naval mine

(Not all weapon types may be represented in the showcase above)

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