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USS Oklahoma City (CL-91)

Light Cruiser Warship

USS Oklahoma City, arriving late in World War 2, managed a career in that global conflict as well as the one to come in Vietnam.
Authored By: Staff Writer | Edited: 11/22/2017
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Year: 1944
Ships-in-Class: 29
Named Ships: USS Cleveland (CL-55); USS Columbia (CL-56); USS Montpelier (CL-57); USS Denver (CL-58); USS Santa Fe (CL-60); USS Birmingham (CL-62); USS Mobile (CL-63); USS Vincennes (CL-64); USS Pasadena (CL-65); USS Springfield (CL-66); USS Topeka (CL-67); USS Biloxi (CL-80); USS Vicksburg (CL-81); USS Providence (CL-82); USS Manchester (CL-83); USS Vicksburg (CL-86); USS Duluth (CL-87); USS Miami (CL-89); USS Wilkes-Barre (CL-90); USS Oklahoma City (CL-91); USS Little Rock (CL-92); USS Galveston (CL-93); USS Youngstown (CL-94); USS Amsterdam (CL-101); USS Portsmouth (CL-102); USS Wilkes-Barre (CL-103); USS Atlanta (CL-104); USS Dayton (CL-105)
Complement: 1255
Length: 610 ft (185.93 m)
Width: 66.3 ft (20.21 m)
Height: 25.5 ft (7.77 m)
Displacement (Surface): 12,000 tons
Propulsion: 4 x Steam boilers feeding 4 x Geared steam turbines developing 100,000 horsepower and driving 4 x Shafts.
Speed (Surface): 32.5 kts (37 mph)
Range: 11,001 nm (12,660 miles; 20,374 km)
Operators: United States (retired)


12 x 6" (150mm) /47 caliber main guns in four triple-gunned turrets.
12 x 5" (130mm) /38 caliber Anti-Aircraft (AA) guns in six twin-gunned emplacements.
16 x 40mm Bofors AA guns in four quad-gunned mountings.
12 x 40mm Bofors AA guns in six twin-gunned emplacements.
21 x 20mm Oerlikon AA guns in single-gunned emplacements.

3 x 6" (150mm) /47 caliber Mark 16 deck gun in single triple-gunned turret.
2 x 5" (130mm) /38 caliber Mark 32 Anti-Aircraft (AA) gun in single twin-gunned turret.
1 x Mark 7 Talos Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) system in twin-launcher mounting with 46 missile reloads.

Air Wing

4 x Recoverable floatplane aircraft (Curtiss SOC Seagull).

1 x Kaman SH-2B OR Sea King helicopter.
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