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Nakhimov (889) (Project 21980) - Russia (2010)

Detailing the development and operational history of the Nakhimov (889) (Project 21980) Patrol Boat / Special Missions Boat.

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  Nakhimov (889) (Project 21980)  
Picture of Nakhimov (889) (Project 21980) Patrol Boat / Special Missions Boat

Nakhimov 889 represents a relatively new addition to the coastal capabilities of the modern Russian Navy.

The Nakhimov (hull number 889) is part of the Grachonok-class of "anti-saboteur" patrol vessels fielded by the modern Russian Navy. The group is planned as a 16-strong class and also known under the alternative designation of "Project 21980". Building of the boats began in 2008 and commissioning has been ongoing since 2010. As many as twelve are in service as of this writing (2017).

The boats displace 138 tonnes and feature a bow-to-stern length of 101.9 feet, a beam of 24.2 feet and a draught of 6 feet. This last quality makes the boats prime operators in close-to-shore and river operations. Propulsion is from a twin marine diesel engine arrangement that can propel the modern design to speeds of 23 knots in ideal conditions. Since heavy automation is built into these boats, only a crew of eight is needed for maximum function. The boat can stay at-sea for as many as five days with the onboard fuel and food stores.

Aboard is the MR-231 "Pal" system used for navigation and the "Kalmar" is the main sonar fit while the MG-757 "Anapa-M" is the towed sonar array. An MTK-201M2 provides as eletro-optical television functionality. Armament is a DP-65A remote-controlled rocket grenade launcher and a DP-64 series grenade launcher. There is also a single 14.5mm MTPU heavy machine gun and an Igla-1 man-portable SAM system (four missile reloads) as well as any personal weapons carried by the crew.

Nakhimov was built at the Zelenodolsk Shipyard with her keel laid down on February 8th, 2008. She was launched on April 25th, 2009 and officially commissioned on May 4th, 2010. She currently sails as part of the Baltic Fleet.

Nakhimov (889) (Project 21980)

Service Year: 2010
Type: Patrol Boat / Special Missions Boat
National Origin: Russia
Ship Class: Grachonok-class
Number-in-Class: 16

Complement, Dimensions and Displacements

Complement (Crew): 8
Length: 101.9 feet (31.06 meters)
Beam (Width): 24.2 feet (7.38 meters)
Draught (Height): 6 feet (1.83 meters)

Surface Displacement: 152 tons

Installed Power and Base Performance

Engine(s): 2 x Marine diesel engines driving power to 2 x Shafts.

Surface Speed: 23 knots (26 mph)

Armament / Air Wing

1 x DP-65A Remote-Controlled Rocket Grenade Launcher.
1 x DP-64 Grenade Launcher
1 x 14.5 MTPU heavy machine gun.
1 x Igla-1 Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) launcher (4 reloads).

Aircraft: None.

Global Operators


Ships-in-Class / Group (16)

Nakhimov (889); Kadet (840); Suvorov (841); Kursant-Kirovets (842); P-377 (996); Unarmeec Kaspiya (930); Unarmeec Primorya (997); Unarmeec Kamchatki (998); Unarmeec Kryma (836); P-424 (837); Unarmeec Zapolyarya (669); Boat 699; Boat 988; Boat 989; Boat 936; Boat 941