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Image released by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Dmitry Rogachev 375 patrol vessel is the second of six planned modern patrol ships for the Russian Navy.

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Dmitry (also Dmitriy) Rogachev (375) is the second of six planned entries of the Project 22160-class large patrol ship group serving the modern Russian Navy. Rogachev follows lead-ship Vasily Bykov (368) into service (December 2018). Both ships are currently assigned to the Black Sea Fleet and hold an active status (2019). Four more vessels are planned in the series with Pavel Derzhavin currently (2019) under construction to be followed by Sergey Kotov (2020), Viktor Velikiy (2021), and Nikolay Sipyagin (2022).

Rogachev was constructed by the builders of the Zelenodolsk Shipyard and saw her keel laid down on July 25th, 2014. She was launched at the end of 2017 and commissioned in 2019.

As patrols ships, the class is called upon to operate near, close-to-shore to intercept potential threats at-speed and over range. As such, the hull has a draught of only 11 feet and is complimented by a running length of 308 feet and a beam measuring 46 feet. This gives the vessel a certain "compactness" when operating in tight environments such as "closed" seas. The propulsion scheme is a fuel-focused COmbined Diesel-And-Gas (CODAG) arrangement which sees twin marine diesels paired with gas turbines, the former offering 6,000 horsepower output for cruising actions while the latter is used to achieve faster "dash" speeds over distance. 4 x Diesel generators are also installed.

In this way, Rogachev can reach speeds of up to 30 knots in ideal conditions and ranges out to 6,000 miles, giving the warship good "legs". Onboard stores allow her to remain at sea for up to 60 days. Her crew complement numbers eighty men with an inherent capability to carry an addition sixty if need be.

The armament suite includes a single 76.2mm AK-176MA Dual-Purpose (DP) turreted main gun mounted over the forecastle. Beyond this, the ship is equipped with Automatic Grenade Launchers (AGLs), Heavy Machine Guns (HMGs), and any personal weapons carried by the crew. The warship also supports installation of Vertical Launch Systems (VLSs) serving up various surface-to-air / surface-to-surface missile types and can also come equipped with 324mm torpedo tubes to deal with on-water and undersea threats. Export versions are proposed supporting the 3M-47 "Gibka" naval air defense system as well.

The ship's general appearance is all-modern with slab sides used to minimize its signature - this creates relatively smooth surfaces and elegant lines from bow-to-stern. The turreted deck gun is seated over the forecastle in the usual way, given excellent engagement angles ahead and to the forward-sides of the ship. The hull superstructure sports a sharply angled face and its bridge area is identified by a clean row of rectangular windows. Atop the bridge section is featured a low-profile, largely-enclosed main mast containing various communications, sensors, and radar fits. The superstructure then quickly slopes downward, terminating in the stern-based combination hanger-helipad area which accepts a single Kamov Ka-27 or Ka-226 navy helicopter. The helicopter adds an Over-the-Horizon (OtH) capability and can be featured in ship/sub-hunting sorties as well as at-sea resupply and Search-and-Rescue endeavors.

The entire class should be made ready and operational by the mid-2020s, giving the Black Sea Fleet considerable capabilities in the region - particularly against neighboring Ukraine. Russian forces claimed Sevastopol from the Ukrainians in 2014 and an ongoing war has resulted in much bloodshed and instability in the region - with the Russian Navy making its presence notably felt.

June 2019 - Dmitry Rogachev (375) was formally commissioned for service in the Russian Navy on June 11th, 2019 and is currently assigned with the Black Sea Fleet.


Commissioned, in Active Service
80 Personnel
Ship Class [ Project 22160 ]
Ships-in-Class [ 6 ] Ship Names: Vasily Bykov (368); Dmitry Rogachev (375); Pavel Derzhavin (); Sergey Kotov (); Viktor Velikiy (); Nikolay Sipyagin ()
National flag of Russia Russia
- Blue Water Operations
- Fleet Support
- Hunter
- Direct-Attack
308 ft (93.88 m)
Width / Beam:
46 ft (14.02 m)
Height / Draught:
11 ft (3.35 m)
Displacement (Surface):
1,500 tons
2 x Kolomna 16D49 marine diesels developing 6,000 horsepower (for cruising); 2 x M70FRU OR M90FRU gas turbines for dash speeds); arranged in COmbined Diesel-And-Gas (CODAG) configuration.
Speed (Surface):
30 kts (35 mph)
5,214 nm (6,000 miles; 9,656 km)
1 x 76.2mm AK-176MA Dual-Purpose (DP) turreted deck gun.
2 x 14.5mm MTPU Heavy Machine Guns (HMGs).
1 x DP-65 Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL).
DP-64 Grenade Launcher (GL).
324mm Paket-NK torpedoes.
Kalibr-NK Anti-Ship Missiles (ASMs).
3M24 "Buk" Anti-Aircraft (AA) missiles.

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