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BAP Herrera (CM-24)

Fast Attack Craft (FAC) / Guided-Missile Corvette

BAP Herrera CM-24 is the forth of six Fast Attack Craft of the Peruvian Navy built to the Velarde standard.
Authored By: Staff Writer | Edited: 8/10/2019
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Year: 1981
Status: Commissioned, in Active Service
Ships-in-Class: 6
Named Ships: BAP Velarde (CM-21); BAP Santillana (CM-22); BAP De los Heros (CM-23); BAP Herrera (CM-24); BAP Larrea (CM-25); BAP Sanchez Carrion (CM-26)
Roles: Blue Water Operations; Fleet Support; Hunter; Direct-Attack;
Complement: 36
Length: 210 ft (64.01 m)
Width: 27.4 ft (8.35 m)
Height: 8.5 ft (2.59 m)
Displacement (Surface): 560 tons
Propulsion: 4 x SACM AGO 240V16 M7 marine diesel engines with 4 x MTU 12V595 diesel engines developing 22,000 horsepower to 2 x Shafts.
Speed (Surface): 30 kts (35 mph)
Range: 2,485 nm (2,860 miles; 4,603 km)
Operators: Peru
BAP Herrera (CM-24) is a fast attack craft / guided-missile corvette of the modern Peruvian Navy. The type was built in France from an original French design as the "OR-72P-class" corvette standard and is one of six such ships in active service with the Peruvian fleet. The vessel was taken into service on February 26th, 1981.

Herrera displaces 560 tons and has a running length of 64 meters with a beam of 8.35 meters and a draught down to 2.6 meters. Her compact qualities allow the ship to operate near shorelines which adds a tactical flexibility. Power is from 4 x MTU 12V595 marine diesel engines driving 22,000 horsepower to 4 x Shafts under stern. In open waters, the vessel can make headway at up to 36 knots and range out to some 2,500 miles.

The profile of the ship is conventional: an enclosed turret takes up the usual place at the "A" position ahead of the bridge superstructure and the hull superstructure integrates a lattice-style mast works mounting sensors, radars, and communications equipment. The superstructure then tapers down to form the stern section. Aboard is a crew of forty-eight. Installed systems include the Thomson-CSF THD 1040 "Triton" air-surface search radar unit, the Decca BridgeMaster E navigation system, and Thomson-CSF "Vega II and "Castor II" fire control systems. Electronic Warfare (EW) is handled by the Thomson-CSF DR-2000 ESM suite.

Armament is comprised of a mix of projectile- and missile-based weaponry. Over the forecastle is the 76mm/62 caliber OTO-Melara turreted deck gun. This is backed by 1 x 40mm L/70 OTO-Melara DARDO twin-automatic cannon emplacement. The vessel also carries 4 x MM.38 "Exocet" anti-ship missile launchers and can also support MANPAD systems like the Russian "Igla" shoulder-mounted series by way of a trainable mounting.

Despite its limited missile armament, the Herrera is, indeed, recognized as a guided-missile corvette by the Peruvian Navy.


1 x 76mm /62 caliber OTO-Melara turreted deck gun.
2 x 40mm /70 caliber OTO-Melara DARDO autocannons in single twin-gunned mounting.
4 x MM.38 "Exocet" Anti-Ship Missile (ASM) launchers.
1 x MGP-86 "Igla" Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) mounting.

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